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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A * B* C's for a Happy Wife

My two little ones were playing "train", each holding the corner of blanket, keep in sync, as they followed one another around the room. Pretty soon I heard squeals of protest as they BOTH wanted to be the "leader", or as in this case, the engineer. 

My thoughts... stopped in their tracks.  (Actually, I was washing dishes and overheard all of this enfolding.) You know how thoughts can quickly go from one thing to another?  This display of discourtesy quickly reminded me of my own marriage and how that it can sound so much the same way, at times.  "Squeals of protest" as both, man and wife, want to be the leader.  To my shame...

Instantly... I was humbled.  To know it is one thing and then, to acknowledge it ~ well, it is hard.  But it reminded me of this list that I came across, some time ago.

The A * B* C's for a Happy Wife, by Mrs. J. A. Schwartz.

And I'm not sure how these tie into what I just shared, regarding my children.   But since I'm trying and learning to implement these words (ideas/suggestions) into my life... I thought I'd pass them on to you.  Perhaps there is someone else out there who needs some encouragement in leading a happy-wife-sort-of-life. 

A few of these, I've re-worded or tweaked... and have marked them with an asterisk.

A   Admire your husband.

  Be cheerful.  Be willing.*

  Communicate ~ it's very important!

D   Do tell him you appreciate him (some specific reason is good).

E   Enjoy him!  Encourage intimacy... and togetherness.*

F   Focus on his qualities.

  Give and forgive.

  Hold no grudges.

  Invite his care and protection.

J   Join in with his enthusiasms.

  Keep your home (and yourself) as tidy as possible.

  Listen when he is speaking.

 Make memories together.*

N   Notice him when he is around.

O   Oust the childishness and replace with child-likeness.

  Pray for him fervently.

  Quickly apologize.

R   Remember your husband's likes and dislikes.*

S   Submit yourself according to the Word of God.

  Treat him like a king and he'll treat you like a queen.

  Unconditional love is required.

  Value him and be understanding.

W   Welcome him with a warm smile when he comes home.

X   X-ercise these and

  You'll be a thrilled wife!

  Z-ee for yourself!

: : Do you feel off-track?  I do...

But.  God's grace is greater!  Amen?


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