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Friday, May 28, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no.16/10}

The real title for this post is: "Pa-dink-a-doo". 

I've decided to combine this post with a Friday's Finds.  This little potty chair is one of my favorite finds of all time.   My mom used one, just like this, for us kids, growing up.  And, as long as I can remember...I've wanted to be sure that my kids have some of the same "old-fashioned" (just as useful) commodities, antiques, and ....well, I just love the look of vintage. ;)

So began the endeavor of potty training.  I said "by Caleb's third birthday - he should be trained".  Well, we've been trying for a little while now... and I wasn't going to push it.  But, get this straight.  No WAY! was he going to use this chair.  "Caleb's a big boy", he insisted... so, he uses the real deal, and does really well - peeing- and letting me know when he has to go.  But the "Pa-dink-a-doo" part.  Not so well.

This chair has a clip-on tray.  And originally I was thrilled, of course.  How great!  Keep him occupied with snacks and books, etc. But now it's a mute point.

Then I found this clip-on, type gadget.  Perfect!!!!

But, as I mentioned ... "Caleb's a big boy" and doesn't need to use it.

You might be wondering about this "pa-dink-a-doo" word?  Well, in effort to being silly (see! I do try)... I made up this little song every time we need to go change some one's diaper. 

(Sing along to the tune of  "The Farmer in the Dell")

Pa-dink-a-dink-a-doo, Pa-dink-a-dink-a-doo,

HI -HO- the dairy-O, and, I "sch-mell" you.

If it was just gas... we'll just say... "Who made a poo-der-roo? Was it You?".
Hopefully, that's not too much FYI. Sorry.
And so, Caleb will tell me that he has to go "pa-dink-a-roo"... usually, after it's too late.  ;(

Well, I've got less then two days to get the job done - if I'm going to have him (fully) trained by three years old.  His birthday is tomorrow!
I'm not going to beat myself up about it... but, by the end of this summer...you can be sure.... there will be "No more diaper's for me"!! 

And, as for now, I guess I just have a little ole piece of nostalgia sitting in the back of the closet.  ;)

: : At one point, I thought...Cool!  I could train both of them at the same time.  Girls usually catch on a little quicker, right?...and even the potty chair is a little girly - I admit.  But, nope!  Aubrey screams bloody-murder...so, I guess I won't be pushing her either.  It just comes down to when they're good and ready...on their own.  Any words of advice or insight?? I'll take it. : :

Have a good weekend, everyone!!

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  1. Hang in there. I have taught kindergarten for 20+ years and never had anyone come to school not potty trained. Although, I hope you don't have to wait 2 more years! I have a new teacher leader job this year and so miss those five year olds . . .


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