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Monday, May 24, 2010

~good tired, good memories~

I'm tired.  But ~ good tired.  What a wonderful week, last week!

I love this picture of my friend and I -  from several years ago.

Our dear, dear friends have left for home.  :(

There is no way I could even begin to fully recount all of the wonderful memories we've shared, and now new ones made, this past week.  A lot took place...

We're shopped out.  We went to Rice's Market.  (and it rained - only on that day!) Thrift stores.  Book stores. Wal-m*rt.  Lancaster County. Many, many places even I have never been...

We visited with dear friends.  A couple of days, during the week, was spent visiting with mutual friends, rekindling friendships and re-hashing memories of days gone by.
We ate tons of food.  (I know. I know. It's  all my fault.) Things like: Stromboli.  Ice Cream dessert.  Meat -Ball Sub Casserole.  Burgers & hot dogs (picnic style).  Lasagna.  Salads.  Breakfast Casseroles.  Pancakes & Sausage.  All sorts of baked goods.  Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole.  Fresh fruit. Snacks. Candy. Coffee. Tea. Lemonade. Milk...
I don't know, but that was fun....cooking up a storm like that.  And, some of these recipes will be coming your way.  Eventually.

We played hard.  The kids did great (triplets are nine years old) helping to play with and entertain our two little ones.  You name it...  Baseball.  Bikes. Bubbles.  Trains. Videos.  Dolls/Stuffed animals.  Going to the park....  One day, the guys did Steamtown- a National, Historic Park.  Computers! - the guys "played" (maybe it was work) around a lot on computer stuff...fixing, updating, etc.

Even the adults played a game of Compatibility, one night.  We (Scott and I) haven't laughed, that hard... in how long?  We're not sure if it was the hour, the competition, the company, or all three?

We worked hard.
And EVERYONE helped out!   Doing dishes. (The kids helped to clear and set the table and it was very rare that I needed to wash dishes.)  Laundry.  Keeping track of who's stuff is whose (is very hard!). 

Sewing.  YES!  I got to sew...  and that brings me to my next topic.


I actually got to make a bag for my dear friend - while she waited in the wings.  She pretty much picked out the fabric selection, the size and added a few details of her choice.  I was grateful that I could find a few moments, here and there, to sew it up for her over the course of the week.

I chose to name the bag, "Memories", for all of the memories we made this week, and for all of the ones we've shared...


We love you guys!!  And already our kids are missing you all. Of course, Scott and I are, too. Please come again. :)  When you can stay longer....you were such a joy to have in our home.  You've made "hospitality" ~ easy.   And.  Thank you! for all of your generous gift giving, insight and inspiration.  You'll never fully know the impact - left behind. Thanks again.

~ Good Memories.  Good and Tired. ~


  1. So glad you had a great time with your friends! The pictures are wonderful, and the bag you made for your friend is beautiful. I'm sure she'll treasure it.
    Have a good week! Nice to have you back.:)

  2. Fun, fun, fun!! It sounds like you had a wonderful week! I love the pictures, too. So glad you were able to get together with everyone. The bag is gorgeous, too. Did you use quilted fabric? It's really beautiful.
    Welcome back, Bevy! I missed your posts!

  3. oh, Bev! Your post made me cry :*) We had a fabulous time. The Lord truly blessed our vacation with your family. You and Scott are the hostesses with the mostesses! Thank you for such gracious and generous hospitality. I'm currently unpacking and going through all my many purchases. The memories are wonderful and precious to us all. The kids liked your place better than Disney World! So did Chris and I - hands down! We love you all So much!!

  4. Your families made great memories that will go on and on. What a complement, for both families, to be able to share such a good times.

    PS You were missed last week!

  5. Close friends are the best. It looks like you had a wonderful week!

  6. Friends reconnecting are friends refreshed . . .


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