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Sunday, May 2, 2010


Well I am sure you can tell by these pictures' that they were not taken this weekend. They are actually from about three weeks ago when we had an unexpected cold snap roll through. The cold was quit pleasant and a God send, but more on that later.

Caleb being a gentlemen and driving...

"Hey, Mr. A...I'll take care of the lawn for ya!" As Bevy mentioned the other day that yesterday marked our one year on the Allebach Farm, as our future is unclear (if we are still living here) Mr. A. will be receiving some free labor as we continue to shepherd the kids and teach them chores, responsibility, and accountability.

As Caleb says "farm quipmnt" (that's about how it comes out)

If you have seen any of our winter pictures, you know that I am not afraid to jump into one of the tractors to pitch a hand in; however, I still have to explain to Caleb "Sorry Caleb daddy doesn't know how to drive the combine." He is always asking, "Daddy drive combine?"
(Hey Jamie, how do I drive that thing anyway???)

Well, hello one and all. Sorry I missed y'all last month; however, Bevy had a better plan that I freely offered to let her have. It was the Easter post. If you missed it, check it out here.

So then....What has Scott been up to for the last eight weeks? Would you believe me if I told ya, more studies? Yep, you guessed it.  I had another exam, yesterday...and....PASSED!!! Praise the Lord. This was a tough go, I feel.  I thank God that Bevy and the kids have been so patient with me.  Though not always pleasant, but graceful enough to get through this. Quite actually, I scored way better than I ever imagined. I needed 700, and thought, "If I get just over that, it will be a miracle and a blessing." Earned an 831 out of 900, 'bout fell out of the exam chair. Was not so much I did not know the information, but more of a practicality issue. I knew A, knew B, knew C; however, to get A+B=C, was a whole 'nother ball game for me.

It has also been on my mind to post about something. Bevy posted, this post, some time back around Christmas, of how she use to place a light in her window as a child and how her father (whom I never had the pleasure of meeting-he went to be with the Lord before Bevy and I met.) felt it made a warm home. Well I would like to carry that a little farther. Tell me what you see...

Not sure???? Look again (and no, I am not talking about the beady looking lights in the middle)...

Though this picture did not come out as good as I wanted, it still shows my point. This home has life. How many times do you see a wonderful house all bound up with shutters closed and blinds down?  Makes me wonder how that home is, or is it just a house. I LOVE open blinds, and shades. In the morning I usually go around and open all the shades so that the light can just flow through. It is a great thing, not to mention all the natural light.
Wow, what else.....Well let me tell ya. Y'all ALL know that I am a southern, and a good 'ole red-neck country boy on top of that. My fellow red-neck-n-arms (& brother in law) John  and I have been wrapping up butchering for another year. If you read Bevy's post the other day, she mentioned something about some of our neighbors not fearing well, who she was talking about was HAMBURGER. One of the animals we did this year was one of Mr. A's cows (yes we name the animals) that had a damaged hip and needed to be put down.

So John and I bought her made her into hamburger. This was in September, but that is about when we start our butchering. We finished up the last few weeks, and this is why I mentioned earlier that the cold snap was a God-send. It is very difficult to butcher in warmer weather. We are already getting ready to order animals for next season. John goes thru about a steer, and two hogs. Bevy and I will go thru about 1/2 steer, and one hog. we (well, John WAY more than I) help a friend, too, that owns a butchering business.

Yes, we pretty much process our own meat. Though I am very low on hamburger now, even with this last steer, and cow we did a few weeks ago. I have plenty of pork though. This year we have started to work on a new recipe for corn beef, so we are looking forward to next season.

In Proverbs, it says 'One tend to his fields, before building his house' (this is my own interpretation). One of my favorite saying and mantras is "Dig your well before your thirsty". It is by this that Bevy and I keep quite busy. We now get ready for wood cutting, this is to pitch in up at John and Rachel's farm. I am sure we will be having a few cutting days. John and I a few years back built him a new wood shed. We made it so big, that it is more like a wood barn. His, dad came over to help, and imagine his surprise when he saw John and I getting ready to lay down roofing on top of the structure. Yeah you might say we were going for broke and trying to get it up in one day-we did!

This will be followed by getting ready for canning and freezing. We do on average, between the whole family, 700-1000 ears of corn, 8-10 bushels (not to be mixed with a basket, 2 Baskets = 1 Bushel) of apples and peaches, a basket or two of red beets, and whatever else we come across. ;)

That will lead us into Autumn, and time for hunting and butchering, and holidays. Am I crazy, maybe? Can I justify it, Oh Yeah! but that is just me.
Our church has been presented with a VERY pleasing offer to buy some land to build a church of our own, so we are praying for that. We are also excitedly anticipating the arrival of some friend from TN this month. Wow, it is May!, seems like yesterday, in October, the offer was being made to come visit. 
Chris & Mitzi,  I hope y'all like pork! (LOL!)

Yes, last but not least, I am already getting ready to crack open another book. This round is actually for a re-certification. One thing I don't care for is having to "re-do" something. This one, though, will be worth it in the long run.

So, until next month....Every one be safe, enjoy Memorial Day and tell a public servant or a veteran, THANK YOU!


  1. I sure enjoy reading your posts, Scott!
    So glad that you did so well on you last exam.

    What a great life style you two have. Caleb and Abrey are so blessed to have gifted parents that will show them a great life.

    It's early and still dark, so I'm going to go around and open my windows (love it)!

  2. Glad you did so well on your last exam!
    It brings to mind the verse ....exceedingly, abundantly above all that we ask or think!!


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