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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It flew the coop...

Just so you all know... this bag ~ Spring Chicken ~ SOLD! this past weekend - at the CHAP convention in Harrisburg.  Yeah...

Oh, by the way... this is going to be one of those "feather's a-flyin' in all sorts of directions" sort of posts.

All the other bags are back up on my etsy...just till Thursday.  Then they're off to another Home School convention in NJ, for this coming weekend.  They should be back in my shop for the rest of whenever - after this convention - unless you all plan to buy me out.  ;)

**Big thanks to Susan Kemmerer (and her husband, Dale) for being so involved and excited in doing this for me.  More on Susie, another time...stay tuned.

Guess what else, flew the coop?  All of the baby bottles in the house.  No pictures - cause they're gone, as of this past Friday night.

Need I tell you that we've got one little 21 month-old, around here, who is "ehhhh" - not so sure and not so happy... but trying really, really hard to be okay about it. 

The big hazel eyes and semi-poochy lip are kinda funny to see.  Yet, it almost makes me tear up.  I also know if I try to get a picture of her face - it won't happen.

I just cannot believe -I'm the one who feeling free as a bird, right now- that are no more bottles in the house, to wash!!  It is just such a relief.  Almost three years of baby bottles.... yuck! (Just the washing them out all of the time, is why I say it that way.  We don't have a dishwasher.)  But, we have our reasons and it was turning into more of a comfort measure, for her, more then anything.  It was time.  Way past time.

Do you see this?

Some big ole black bird, decided to get really friendly and build it's nest up close and personal to our house.  One morning I was planning to leave for the day...and Scott was getting ready to leave for work.  So, we - together on impluse- decided that we needed to 'rid' the grill of it's mess.  And, together, we cleaned it out.  Well, Scott did - more then I...

ONLY for several hours later, when I returned home, there was another nest was starting to get rebuilt.  Busy little mamma bird.  I did feel bad for her - cause I know what it's like... the need to nest. 

No! I'm not telling you anything.  Don't read what I'm not saying!  I have a feeling some of you are trying to read between the lines, right now... throwing out "one kid's" baby bottles...then, talking about nesting.  I'm just feeling the need to clear the air.  Thank you, very much.

I love natural art work... But, not in the grill!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyway.  Enough of my ramblings for one day...  time to get ready to clean this roost and ready it up for our guests coming next week.  That said.  I may (or may not), fly the coop, myself, here on the blog.  Just consider it a little pre-warning... in case you don't hear much from me, next week.


Oh, one last thing.  Another HUGE Prayer Request.  Not about Ben - although, you can still be praying for him, I just haven't heard any real recent update on him and what's been going on. 

This time it's for a little 6-month old, from our church.  His family has a blog and any (and often changing) current update on his serious health issues is on their site.  Here is the link

Please be praying for little Owen and his family.


  1. So glad you sold another bag! :)

    I remember how good it felt to get rid of the baby bottles too, and I had a dishwasher! Bless your heart, that's lots of washing!

    I have never seen a nest in a grill before!

    Hope you have a wonderful day. :)

  2. Congrats on the sale! Such a beautiful bag...

  3. You've got some very blessed friends in TN ! :)

  4. I love the colors and the mixture of fabrics in your Spring Chicken Bag. Lucky is the buyer who now has it . . .


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