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Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's They!

Meet my Mom. 
Also known as, Mamma Rhoda!


And, Scott's mom, also known as, Susie Mom!


As mother's they (both of them) - inspire, encourage, humble, challenge and influence me.

Originally I was just going to post about my mom today -in thinking of Mother's Day!- and pay her tribute.  But in all honesty, I can't forget my Mother-in-law, who just as much deserves special mention.

Again, if it were not for these two women (almost as book-ends - holding me up)...wow!...
I'd really feel like I'd be floundering as a mother, some days. 
 Do we always agree and get along - wonderfully?  No!
Are we able to talk about that, work on it and move on? Yes!

If I were to think of one word to uniquely describe my mom.  A word that would simply all-encompass her.  I thought of the word...self-sacrificing.  And for Susie Mom - the word would have to be kindness or generous.

My mom has ~amazingly~ walked and continues to walk the last part of her own years of motherhood...alone as a single parent.  But in the years before (while my dad was still living) - I knew this to still be true of my mom.  She would sacrifice her own desires; her time and her resources to bless other's over herself.  Service (or sacrifice) spells love for my mom!  Doing and being for other's...just because. 

To me this is true greatness.  And both of these traits I find to be of a challenge, for me, something that I desire to grow in... and, Lord Willing, be found faithful in and that it can be said of me.

 I found this piece, titled the same - True Greatness, by Sidney Greenberg, which reads and describes both of these ladies in a very true way.

"Greatness is a matter, not of size but of quality, and it is within the reach of every one of us.
Greatness lies in the faithful performance of whatever duties life places upon us and in the generous performance of the small acts of kindness that God has made possible for us."
Thank you, so much, Mom(s).  I love you.

Happy Mother's Day!

: : Photos taken randomly over the past year.


  1. You put in a lot of thought into this post and it is beautiful!

  2. What amazing smiles they both have . . .

  3. i know your mom to be a super sweet lady!


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