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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Vogue ~ at it's best!

Earlier in the day, I showed Aubrey this strawberry box... making it like a hat.  Trying to Be Silly - you know?!?!   She wanted nothing to do with it.
Not too long after - this is how I found her.  Having fun!  Stylin' season's best and wearing it quite well...

: : My little strawberry girl : :


  1. How adorable is this!
    Glad the cammera was close by.

  2. She is adorable! Those little strawberry curls under the strawberry box looked like an advertisement. Thanks for the warm fuzzy this morning. I could almost hear her little giggle held back with dimpled fingers.

  3. And the color is perfect with her hair! What a sweetheart!! ;-)

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