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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

((blushing peony pink))

Yes! and (scream) NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peonies are now part of the past - around our area- at least, for this year.

 I took these photos the other week and at that point these peonies were already looking really droopy.  Really, REALLY droopy.  I didn't get a picture sooner, to my regret, and then we had a pretty big rain shower come through that really threw these beauties for a loop.  Now, they're really GONE!!!!!!!!!

Recently, I found this blog (a new favorite) - Flower Patch Farmgirl- and I LOVE how this gal writes.  It's so great.  But you've got to read, this post.  It's darling... and, her photos... oh, so beautiful.  Anyway.

I decided upon finding my droopy peonies that I really needed to make up a bouquet and enjoy it for at least ONE day.  I know the reason that I didn't bring any indoors sooner was that I was ALREADY battling an army of ants in my kitchen.  Don't get me started...  I have a real love-hate relationship with ants right now. ;)

By the next morning, one brush past them to close the window, left a pile of pink velvet. 
I smile when I say that... because, that is honestly what it feels like when you hold a handful of petals.  They're so velvety soft, like fabric -can be.

I  thought perhaps if I quick take a few (more) pictures, that they'll last longer.  You know?!?!?! ;)

WAIT A MINUTE!!   If I zoom out and through the window,  I see...Who is in the back yard?  Somebody twirling, running and playing airplane...

(They were running around like crazy and as you can see, it's getting darker outside.  I had to wait a bit to get all three of them in the frame for a "good" father, son & daughter shot.  Good as good could be, at least.)

 ...no one other then, my husband, the most wonderful daddy, in the world, who loves being outside with his two little ones.

Scott.  I know you read my blog - everyday, and  I want you to know how much I love you and how much I adore watching you from the kitchen window playing outdoors with our two amazing-crazy-full-of-life-fun-to-be-around kiddo's.  Thank you!

 "All because two people fell in love".

((blushing peony pink))


  1. awwww! I can just picture you watching your loves from the window and thanking God for your blessings. so sweet!
    I miss you very much. Can we come again in the fall ? :)

  2. Bevy-
    I just popped over from The Homespun Heart to thank-you for the lemonade/ginger-ale ratio! I'm throwing a baby shower for my SIL Saturday, and (having a severe case of "pregnant brain") could not figure out a good lemonade and soda punch combo.
    Thank-you again!


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