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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

constantly pulling away

A couple of days ago, I decided to get outside early... before the little ones woke up.  I wanted to finish planting some flower plants that I had recently purchased and it's always easier (quicker) to do it - alone.

I know that doesn't sound very gracious of me...does it?

I should anticipate having my little ones "learning" right along side of me.  Right?


Truth be told.

I don't "always" let that happen.

So, as you can imagine.  I'm outside, in early morning - alone- to my thoughts, anticipating what my efforts are going to look like in just a few shorts weeks.

I have to admit as much as I like to think that I somewhat have a green-thumb,  it still takes a lot of work and hard earned effort to make flower beds and gardens something to enjoy. In that, I paid careful attention to where I wanted certain things to go.  Things got mulched, watered and tilled ... but even to the best of my abilities (and semi-green thumb) these plants were/are still subject to "trouble"...namely Wild Morning Glories.

So, while I'm constantly pulling away at these WILD MORNING GLORIES to come off of ALL the plants that I have already planted and that are maturing... you can imagine...I was beginning to feel the rise of frustration. 

Come on!

In their own right, their beautiful. I'll give them that. They look like the cultured kind of Morning Glories... e.x.c.e.p.t  that they're weeds. (No pictures, but you all know what I'm talking about, I think.) 

They smother.  They choke.  They're quick... and before you know it they overtake.  Just what is the glory in a Wild Morning Glory anyway, I wonder??

((Alone in my thoughts...))

I had to think; How does this apply to personal life?


I know when I'm constantly pulling away at things that interfere with my likes, schedule and preferences.

At times, these things may appear beautiful in they're own right.


These things, they're weeds. 

I'm talking about when:

  • I just do it my way.  Its easier and faster rather then teaching.  Avoiding moments of spilled out frustration.

  • I jest or use humor to butter-up, getting my critical point across...perhaps, using words that are empty and meaningless?

  • I don't say anything... but I sigh out of impatience or annoyance.

I suppose it might sound cliche to say that God, being the ultimate- patient- gardener, knows why he allows Wild Morning Glories to grow in our gardens/flower beds- at least in mine.  Really He does.  It's been an interesting thought and has been a reminder for me ever since. 

I still am constantly pulling away at the wild morning glories and throwing them over the fence to the cows.  But, not with as much angst.  It's been such a good reminder. ** I can really get in my own way far too many times.**

I think there may be some glory to my wild morning after all.

* * By the way.  My flower beds are really coming along - nicely.  And, I've actually given a place for some of those Wild Morning Glories to climb freely... giving them they're own right to bloom. ;)  Still... no pictures, but I'm sure I'll get one, one day - when they're in full bloom and mature.


  1. Oh no. I've been after my husband to plant morning glories. I had no idea they were weeds. Looking forward to the pictures . . .

    1. Only the wild morning glories, are weeds... not the cultured plant ones. Otherwise they're beautiful!!

  2. Oh dear. I had the same thing happen to me last Summer. Still gives me chills! You're so right - those morning glories are lovely on their own, but boy, are they ever pushy!

  3. Beautiful thoughts, again. I always love to see spiritual pictures in our everyday life.

    When my kids were little, I did the same thing, garden in the early morning. It isn't selfish - it is SANITY! Sometimes, you need to just work and meditate. Look at the beautiful fruit your time alone produced!

    I also love anything galvanized for planting. It is my favorite medium to use on my deck and in my gardens.


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