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Monday, June 28, 2010

Deep Breathe

I really have to take one of those this morning.  You see...

Boink, Boink, Bo-i-n-kkk. 


My head still hurts from yesterday. (No, I didn't fall off the roof, or anything like that) ;)

Yesterday's sermon, at church, is still ringing in my ears.  It was really good and I'm still reeling from the affects.  ((Ephesians 5:1-2))

I'll be doing a lot of thinking today... don't mind me.

Other, then that.  It's been one busy weekend around here.  I'm wiped out (( too, much sun yesterday - has part to blame)). I'm still trying to wake up, and, I ache all over.  Not complaining, I'm just sayin'.

I think I'll take a deep breathe... hang up some more laundry... water the flowers (done),  sew later (if I can, because I must in order to catch back up)...get some baking done, today... and work on being an
Imitator of God - as a dearly loved child of God.

Because;  that  IS  what  I  am. 

Plus.  Figure out ways to keep cool - again - today.  Sounds like we might be having another "hot week" ahead. ((sigh))...thank God, for cool breezes every now and again.

: : So, how was your weekend?  Have any of those wiped out, head boinkking, hot and bothered moments -  or was your weekend like a breathe of fresh air??


  1. Hmm.... that sermon was directed at you too, huh?? I thought he wrote it for me.... :) It was awesome. I am still processing as well - but captivated......

    Sounds like you have a great day ahead. Let Him meet you in it - looking forward to hearing more about it as the week goes on :) ...

  2. A lot of busy weekends going around, and toes getting stepped on in sermons (or heads :) Thanks for sharing and encouraging us to ponder God's word. It's so easy to be a hearer, but not a doer, and I really appreciate the encouragement. I hope you have a lovely keeping cool day! And that pie looked de-li-cious!!!

  3. You know you were being feed, when you bring it home to "ponder".

    Praying for a little relief to come your way.


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