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Friday, June 4, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 17/10}

The rest of the story... meaning what we did for Caleb's 3rd birthday, over last weekend.

First we took the kids to Roadside America

If you're from Southeastern, PA or anywhere relatively close by - it's worth the drive to see this amazing development of one man's hobby from over the past 60 years.

It's quite the place with old-time village scenes, trolley cars, and trains.  A LOT of animated things - a TON of details.  That's an understatement.  Caleb wasn't so sure about the night time display.  I think that spooked him, due to the fact that we weren't in the room for more then five minutes and all of a sudden... you know... the lights go dim, then out and he's supposed to understand what was happening.  Well, he didn't...

He warmed up, a bit... later..., as he realized that if he would push "this little button", he could make the trolley or the trains go around the track, or the windmill turn, or the circus wheel turn round and round, etc.

Then it was starting to get fun.  Until the night scene came back into being. ;)

I think it was more of nostalgia for me to be there.  It was the first place I remember going to, on a school trip, when I was in the first grade, of school.  I've been there several times and I do believe NOTHING has changed about that place.  It even smells old.  I enjoyed it.  Scott thought it was neat.  I told you what Caleb was thinking and feeling.  Aubrey.  She did NOT love.  It was time to go...

We were not too far away from Cabela's.  So we also went there.  I was surprised.  But, I think Caleb like Cabela's a bit better.

Do you see the flag in the background on the bottom, right-hand corner? The flag is where I got the pictures from, for my Memorial Day Post.

After filling our day with all kinds fun memories, and lots to talk about.  We went home for Cake, ice cream... and gifts!  We all were pooped... 

To say the least.

It certainly was a BUSY weekend, last weekend. 
Memorial Day was also part of the busy-ness of it all.

**Spending time with cousins.  Making hay - while the sun still shines (no kidding). Storm Clouds were threatening.  It was wonderful.**

Friday's Finds???  Uhmmm.... Oreo Cookies and pretzels make for great last minute cake decorations.

My Motto:  You get creative when you have too.

Happy Weekend, to all!


  1. Melissa StutzmanJune 4, 2010 at 7:51 AM

    Sounds like a fun way to celebrate. We did those same two things for Enoch's 2nd birthday:) Great mind things alike.

  2. Yes you are creative!
    The cake is really cute.
    Anytime spent with the family is great but this trip looks like it was double fun.

  3. what a special day...
    don't you love those?!
    my little one has her 7th birthday next week and we will be living it up :) i can't wait to see what she picks to do and eat. so much fun.

    have a great weekend~

  4. Sounds like a fun birthday weekend. Making memories . . .

  5. I've fallen behind but I'm so glad that Caleb had a good birthday. I LOVE the Oreos and pretzels on his cake; you are SO creative!

    We stopped at Cabela's last summer and the kids love it there! I've never been to Roadside America; maybe we'll be able to check it out this summer.


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