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Sunday, June 20, 2010

He's a hard working man!

Last weekend, we decided to get on the band-wagon and find a way to replace a missing door in our upstairs- just out of the kids bedroom and down the steps.  One reason was, for better air control  and flow regarding our upstairs air-conditioning situation.

We asked Mr. A. who told us where we might find a potential door... we found a rather dirty, dusty Power Saw and...

Making a few marks and an adjustment here or there... we have a door hanging.  YEAH!!!!

But, a man can't be ALL WORK and no play.

It just shouldn't be that way. 

And although (at the end of the day) these are a some tough shoes to fill - cause sometimes, truthfully, we don't know if we're he's coming or going...

: : The little ones want to add their sentiment this Father's Day : : 

We think our daddy is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
 We love you - dad.

Happy Father's Day, Scott. 
You truly are one hard-working man.  You do your absolute best to provide and there is nothing more that we could ask for.  Thank you.  You value family-time and choose to make that a priority in your life.  Your growth in godliness and desire for HIM (as your Father) is evident in your life on a daily basis.

I am one blessed woman to have you as my man - and what a privilege it is to be your wife and life-partner in this thing called parenting.  We're in this thing together.  It's fun and I love you.


  1. Got chills reading about your love for Scott.
    It takes a lot to be a great father.
    Scott has it all.

    Happy Father's Day!

  2. Great post!
    Love the picture of Aubrey in the boots.
    She is just adorable. :)

  3. Such a great post! This brought tears to my eyes!


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