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Monday, June 7, 2010

: : just curious...

Okay.  Okay.  So, enough all ready...
This girl plays with her blog backgrounds and blog headers more then anyone else out there, I know.

Is that what your all thinking? 

Well, I don't blame you for thinking that. 

I'm getting tired of it myself, quite frankly.  The thing is, is that I KNOW EXACTLY what it is that I'm looking for, but I haven't found it - yet.  At least for - FREE! (and easy to install, I might add).  I suppose I know too much, but not enough to get myself around in this technological world.

I've found "basic theory" and ideas for what I'm looking for and yet, no one has implemented them into a blog background that screams .... Bevy!!  I've even attempted to change templates and even go from this platform to another... but, to no avail.

I have a few "friends" that may be able to "help" - but that would mean drawing it on paper, or something, to explain what it is that I would like.  AND... I need to gumption up the courage to ask.

So, I beg you.  Please bear with me as I continue to try and make my blog more ~ me.  And, for some reason... I have just felt the need to explain myself.  So there you have it.


I could ask you.

What do you think?

First. What do you think of my header?  Do you like it with or without the floral add-ons?

(Now, I will say this, I am okay to change it up... and most likely, one day, it will get changed.)


I love the color of my blog background (I mean, as it is with the plain blue color, #e6e6e6), the colors of the fonts and the layout is fine with me... simple and clean-ish


What do you think?

Do you think I care too much??

Does it matter to you, how one person's blog may totally and completely speak of ones personality and character?  Or, am I the only one who thinks like that??

I love the diversity, that is out here.  I love how the different personalities shine through.  I love feeling at home.

And, that how I want my readers to feel, too.  Peaceful.

It's just that being on the hunt for this "certain look" has gone on - too long- and it's getting to me.

Which brings me to my third point, in question.

WHY do you follow this blog, or any blog for that matter??

: : just curious...


  1. To be completely honest, I follow through google reader, so I rarely actually see your design! But, I still hope you find what you're looking for to make it "you!"

  2. Hello Bev! :)
    I usually love red but I'm not crazy about it here on your blog. It's just not "you", in my humble opinion. The floral stuff at the top is fine but is good without it, too. And, to be honest, I miss the blurry cup of coffee that you used to have. It was unique and quirky.
    Yours is the only blog I follow and I do because I miss you and wish I lived in PA down the street!

  3. I am a strick in the mud - liked the simplicity of "two blogs ago" (I think).....

    Again - being simple that way, the layout really never mattered so much for me (as you can tell from my blog). I picked the one I could deal with the best from the offered templates, and moved on. Never thought about "revamping" -which is why I have no following :) !! Seriously though - the reason I follow blogs is their content. For some blogs it is a window into dear friends lives on a more regular basis than what is available in "real life". For other blogs, it is the challenging thoughts presented (since I don't really "know" these people - like CCEF).

    Bev - you have ben gifted in being able to walk that fine line between having both. You have the lightness of heart and family update stuff - and the challenging thoughts. The back round of the blog is secondary :)!! At least to me........

  4. Wow!! I LOVE all of your thoughts and feedback - so far. I hope others weigh in, too.

    Mitzi. You're right about the pink/red being too much. It was the grungy-ness of it that appealed. I would love something in a more subdued feel to it, but that has that type of characteristic. Keeping it in the sage, tuape, browns and a hint of black...
    BUT. My background color HAS to stay.

    See?!?! This is why I can't find anything that I like. I'm just a tad picky...

    Kristy. You're right. Content has EVERYTHING to do with it...

    Thanks for all your insight, so far.

  5. good things come to those who wait....you will find just what you are looking for. i'm sure of it.

    i think your header photo is lovely.

  6. When I log onto your blog, I always look at your header. I keep finding something that I hadn't seen before.
    I like the way you display the pictures inside jars. Very clever.

    At first I thought the pictures were on top of an upright piano but now I think it's a hutch.

    Your blog is so YOU! What ever you do, don't take the pictures away. I'm not finished looking at your family.

  7. Thank you Christine. Perhaps one day I shall do a post on my header. As in, Who's who?

    What a great idea! And, your right. It's a old hutch - from my grandmother.

  8. I did notice the floral add-ons on your header and thought they were a nice addition. Playing with your blog is like rearranging a room, there is something revitalizing about it. I do caution that some blogs are a bit fancy and talk longer to load and open.


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