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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Mom! this is cool entertainment... Thank you!

If you could only hear how Caleb says this... it's cute.

A dear friend gave this suggestion of - letting the kids play like they're washing dishes - as one way to stay cool during the hot-er days, like we've been having  around here, here of late.

Now!!  All Caleb wants to play is "boats".  Cause, "they arn't dishes -they're boats".  All is well, until he decides that he is the boat.

But.   He has to wait until my dishes are finished up - first -
in order to play with my dishpan.  ;)


  1. HA! We both did a post on entertainment today! Great idea! My kids love playing with water outside, too. We also make bubble wands out of pipe cleaners and straws. I make a batch of bubble solutions in jelly roll pan and they play for a LONG time make HUGE bubbles. FUN!

  2. Keep up on the being "fun"!
    You are making wonderful memories for Caleb.
    He is so cute!

  3. Sometimes we try way too hard to entertain our kids. Who would guess that a simple bucket of water would do the trick. Simple toys are the best aren't they?


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