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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Part of Caleb's Birthday!

My big, little boy turned three this past Saturday.  And, as for any little guy at this age... it's all about cars, trains, farm equipment, bats and balls.... right??

I've been thinking of getting my creative juices flowing -again- in the painting world.  And, so with this idea of creating my own version of a floor, play-mat... I set out. 

 As you see, all of these paints are "from over the years".  Some are quite old... and really need to "GO!".  I'm not ready to give up painting (what little I do), but I thought... "what a great way to rid of some of them".

I actually started out with a piece of sturdy linen cloth, laying down newspaper first... so as not to change the appearance of my kitchen island. ;)

Painting away, free-hand.  I was not really sure how it's going to turn out... just going for it.

If you look close-up and personal... No!! don't.  Don't look close-up and personal.  It's really, really "rough".

This is not finished... yet!  I ran out of time to complete it.  But we gave it to Caleb anyway for part of his birthday gift.  And the look on his face - was one of SURPRISE and AWE (if I must say so myself) - even though he found it one day, prematurely,  and was caught playing with it. ;(  The fact that this was... AWESOME!!!!  Made me feel good as a mom, that I could bless him like this.

Come back later this week for more, of what we did, for his birthday.


  1. You did a great job, Bevy. I'm sure Caleb will use this for a long time!
    Happy birthday, Caleb!

  2. Happy Birthday, Caleb! We love you!

  3. Great job, Bevy! And happy birthday to Caleb!

  4. Homemade gifts are absolutely the best. Way to go . . .

  5. How sweet and very creative.
    I love the fact that you had an idea, used what you had, created a beautiful town and gave it to Caleb (even unfinished). Kids could care less if it's finished or not.

    Happy Birthday to you and Caleb.


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