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Monday, June 21, 2010

random events

Wow!!  How was your weekend??

I don't even know where to begin - with all of the happenings of this weekend, for us.  It was certainly one full of random events.  Little things that add up to make for bigger changes down the road.

For instance (here are just two):

Caleb:  Figuring out how to make a Padinkadoo on the potty and not in his pants; Understanding the In's and outs of that, and getting really excited that "he did it!".

Aubrey:  Breaking the habit with her where she thinks she needs to be held till she fall asleep for the night. Usually after Bible Reading and Prayer Caleb will go to bed on his own... but not Aubrey.  This weekend was the designated weekend to work on that.  She didn't do too bad. 

Other things happened too, that we're just "waiting on"... to see what happens.

I was able to make another bag on Friday.  I had the distinct privilege of having my Little's go to my Mother's.... she had the day off, so I was able to sew - ALL DAY!

And the reason for it.... was... I'm not sure if you noticed that all of my bags were out of my etsy shop over the weekend?  Well, they were due to the fact that they were at another Home School conference, called SEARCH - held locally, right down the road from us.  I only had five left to sell and the display looked rather sparse.  That's because I had another sale last week, as well.

 Yup! Fun. Summer. Fun.  is now a sold bag, too.
Sunday's Best! is the bag that I made on Friday.  I took it over to the Convention on Friday afternoon, so that it would, at least, be there for the second day of the event.  It never made it to the Etsy Shop.

~Sunday's Best~

Then on Sunday morning, we're walking into church and my friend Brianna yells across the parking lot.  "LOOK BEVY!  Sunday's Best! - I just had to have it.".  :)

Knocked my socks off.

I was thrilled to say the least... and currently, I don't know if that is that only one that sold at the convention - but that is still fun.  That's what I love about this... making ladies feel ALL blessed and terribly excited.

Beings that it was Father's Day weekend... that was a given... that it would be wonderful.  You may have read my post that I put up real quick yesterday.  Just a small tribute to my hard-working man.  I think Scott would say his weekend was really, really special.

I wanted to make a wonderful Sunday dinner.  And, for the most part I succeeded. We did Pork BBQ ribs on the grill, baked potatoes, etc.  And then,  I made this dessert called ~ Carmel Chocolate Pie.  ;)

And, I thought I might give you the recipe... which I still might.  But, I'm going to let you salivate over this photo for a couple of days. 

It was pretty good - but looks may be deceiving.  Stay tuned.

: : I want to hear about your weekend.


  1. Glad you had a good weekend! I LOVE the bag that Brianna got! How wonderful to have a whole day to sew. :)

  2. Such pretty bags! You are one talented girl Bevy! Thanks for stopping by "my place" today...it was fun to hear from you! I thought I'd return the visit and find you have been busy. I appeciate the posts you have recently written. Weeds...fun times! ;-) AND YUMMY blackberries!! Soooo wonderful when you can get those nearby...we don't have ripe ones yet, but in about a month and a half...lookout!



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