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Thursday, June 24, 2010

~some days... & the angst comes back~

This is what I do ~some days~ as a favorite past-time.  Like I have much time for "past-time".  To sit around and read cookbooks, and such...

Like here, I love this...

Quilting * Cooking* Gardening
. .. . .. . .. .  . .. .. . . ..  .. . .. .. .
Quilting and cooking
Go hand in hand.

I practice each daily
You do understand...?

That both are a science
And I've got 'em down pat.

My quilt pile grows higher
While my body grows fat.

So, I've taken up gardening
Not a lot- just a bit.

In a futile attempt
To keep somewhat fit.

The exercise helps
And the veggies are great.

My quilt pile grows slower
But I'm losing weight.

-Nancy Roan

If only it were thoroughly true.  I'm afraid in this case, my sewing piles are growing, so are my thighs and my veggies are slim to none.  At least, at this point! ;) 

Ahh, but some days its good to just sit around and read books as a favorite past time.  Especially, on hot days like we've had so far, this week.  Isn't it?


Here is where the angst comes back.  To constantly be pulling away...

The other day, I noticed one of our tomato plants suddenly looked quite ill.  Like as in a matter of hours.  Leaves were quickly turning this dead, yellow color.  I mentioned to my Mother-in-law about this... and she suggested fertilizer.  Yeah... it wouldn't hurt.  But seriously.

Yesterday, I looked a lot closer, at it, as I began to pull off some of those dead-ish yellow leaves.  My first thought had been the return of  "blight".


Guess what??


...were in my tomato plant.  Wrapping themselves ever so tightly around my plant.  Choking them to near death.  They're seed had been in the ground from when I filled the container with ground from the surrounding flower bed.

I obviously began pulling the vines off and away... muttering.

Then I saw a faint glimmer of hope for this dear trying-to-survive tomato plant.  One little green tomato had started to grow and we have plenty of yellow buds.  I said to Caleb; "Look buddy, don't pull it off - its our first tomato". 

I snapped the picture just seconds before he pulled it off.  See his fingers? Ahh, some days....
And I'll be plenty surprised if it ain't Aubrey who picks off all of the yellow blossoms. 

It would just be her nature.


  1. Hi!
    Just popped in to see your blog. A VERY sweet visit! I know what you mean about having those sewing projects that you can't seem to find the time to finish when warm weatehr moves in. i too have taken advantage of the heat and staying indoors the last few days to get some things done.
    I am looking forward to reading more here!

  2. at least they are learning about the process of growing anyway lol!

  3. Ohhh.... my gosh!
    What can you do.
    Your tomato story, with pictures, is laughable.
    Someday.... oh, my gosh!

  4. Romans 7 in action! As soon as you tell a kid NOT to do something, everything in them wants to do it. I always wondered, but didn't dare try, if I should tell them the opposite.

    "Please throw your clean laundry on the floor."

    "Make sure you don't pick up your toys. I like them all over the floor."

    We all learn to bite out tongues, pray a lot and try to laugh about these situations, because if you don't, those little monkeys (I mean blessings!)can make you crazy!

  5. Oh no, not the dreaded Wild Morning Glories. I no longer yearn for any in my garden . . .

  6. Oh, I love to read through cook books, too. Dog gone that wild morning glory, you really do have an infestation don't you. I had to laugh at Caleb's hand reaching for the tomato, stinker! :)


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