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Thursday, June 17, 2010

Speaking of...dishes!

"But. He has to wait until my dishes are finished up - first - in order to play with my dishpan."
(taken from yesterday's post)

I thought I would take you deeper into the Corners of my Home - and into my everyday dishware.


I'm trying to think of where my I.N.S.P.I.R.A.T.I.O.N has come from.  My first and only thought was of this quaint, local, little Tea Room... that friends, and sisters and I love to frequent.  We still thoroughly enjoy going here, except that it is just a tad bit hard (for me) with two little ones and fine, dainty little tea cups.  If you know what I'm saying?

But, this Tea Room will always be renown (in my mind) for it's nostalgia, it's charm, and unexplained femininity.  Wait! Can a restaurant be feminine? 
Let me tell you....men do eat here, too!  However, they "appear" to be SO out of place. 

If you put your fork down and just listen... it sounds like... "chicken chatter".  I love it!! 

And then. 

To hear a man's voice above all the ladies... again, just totally .... well, I suppose it adds it's own charm.  The fact that a guy is simply "okay" to enjoy breakfast or lunch with his beautiful wife - amid all the daintiness says a lot about a good man.

Wow!! I really took a bunny trail here...

You see this Tea Room has been so inspirational in that it proudly uses mismatched china.  Seriously, nothing matches, but, there is unity within the pieces because of their vintage appeal.  Even the antique chairs, around the small round or square tables are mismatched -although they are painted all of the same color.  The wide wood plank floorboards creak underneath your feet, and the large windows with beveled glass, and wide windowsills are pure art form in and of themselves.  The fresh flowers, gracing the tables...the waitresses in cutesy aprons, the aroma of fresh-brewed coffee and ahhhh!! their desserts that are just simply decadent and out of this world.

I love that!!!!!

So.  I've decided that I would be "okay" with mismatched china, too.  It's charming, as mentioned.  It has an ere of femininity about it, and, it's vintage - which I totally adore - especially if they are inherited from a grandmother or two.

CONFESSION:  There is plenty of Tupperw*are, in my kitchen, and other random pieces that have no charm to claim for their own.  Just practicality.

These are just a few of my pieces of everyday dishware. 

As you can tell... I just finished washing dishes.  Now you all know, that this is where my mind will go or how my thoughts will wander as I daily wash our dishes every evening.  Sometimes, it is more then once or twice a day - depending on what I'm cooking.   Because it really bothers me to leave a counter full of dishes for the next day.  So... I really, really try to keep up after myself.  Yup! another bunny trail...

Speaking of... dishes!  It's time to go make a few dirty.  My little ones are rising from their slumber and it's breakfast time. ;)

: : Your Thoughts: :
Do you wash dishes, by hand?  If so, isn't it true that it's a time for your thoughts to go down little "bunny trails" and let your mind drift into deep thoughts of .... whatever? 

I would say washing dishes is very therapeutic.  Wouldn't you??

I love it!!!!!!!!!!


  1. I love your mis-matched china! Such a cute cottage style!

    I wash my dishes by hand now that we've moved since there is no dishwasher here. So far I don't mind it, even though washing dishes isn't my favorite chore. It's nice to get it done and not have to empty a dishwasher later!

  2. I have a dishwasher and I do use it, but I also have to wash dishes every day because with all the cooking I do and with all 6 of us there are always too many dishes to go in the dishwasher.

    I do enjoy the time it gives me to think when I'm not so busy with school. During the school year, the amount of dishes can get to me.

  3. Your dishes are fun! I too, have missed matched china dishes, for everyday meals.
    I use both the dishwasher and hand wash. I hand wash for therapeutic reasons. It's comforting to gazing out the kitchen window and daydream.

  4. Hi Bevy! Thanks for leaving me a note on my blog...lovely to "hear" from you! :)

    Your dishes are so pretty! I *love* the mismatched vintage look...it's lovely!!

    Dishes...at the moment we have not got a working dishwasher and the boys do alot of the washing for me. It is great that they are useful in these ways. :) BUT...I have to do my share as well...LOTS of dishes get created around here. I must admit...I do enjoy having a dishwasher that works...must get onto shopping for a new one! :)


  5. I washed dishes by hand until child #5. I was homeschooling and washing for three meals a day and it was just too much. My husband bought me a dishwasher and I have had one ever since. But, looking at your dishdrainer filled with china reminded me of how much I LOVED to wash my vintage white plates. It took the sting out of having so many dishes to wash. I would look out the window, see the beautiful scenery and the neighbor's cows, and be filled with much contentment. Thanks for the nice reminder of bygone days!

  6. When my dishes don't match or I mix and match linens, I just remind myself that the inperfections makes it all the more charming . . .

  7. I love your mismatched china! I have quite a bit of china and was thinking the other day that it's a shame so much of it goes unused. I might have to employ your idea.

    I use a dishwasher some and also wash by hand some. It depends on what I'm washing and how I feel.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!


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