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Thursday, June 3, 2010

TPN giveaway... you're gonna love this one!

~Lifefactory Glass Beverage Bottles~

You've got to check out this great giveaway!! Read all about it, here.   This giveaway is hosted by my friends, Nick and Denise, over at *Truly Pure and Natural*.   They also have the blog - one of my absolute favorites, to read - called *Life in Joyful Chaos*.  Formerally known as "Laughing Burns more calories then Crying". 

If you haven't checked out *Life in Joyful Chaos*, yet...then,  tsk, tsk.  You really DO need to read their heart-warming, downright hilarious, and overwhelmingly inspirational blog on a regular basis. 
(Denise, did not ask me to write all of that.  I'm telling you to do it.)

SO!!!!!!!!!!!  I've been waiting (somewhat patiently) for a giveaway like this one - for a while now.


I'm just trying to spread the good news... you know, share the information...so that you could sign up, too. ;)

 You Know!?!?!?!


Don't be sad if you didn't win... and I did.  ;)  You win some, You lose some.  Actually, I never win anything, but I sure do love to try.  Fingers crossed ... we'll ALL find out who the winner is, on the 14th of June.

 So, hurry up; go leave your comments, for this giveaway, over at TPN.  Tell them you came over from Bevy's blog. ;)


  1. You write so well. You make us want to check out your friends blog!
    Good style with a sence of humor mixed in.

  2. Thanks so much, Bev! You are too sweet. I used to say that I never won anything...and then I started winning things! It was great! :)

    Also...I have a bag of buttons for you from my mom. I talked to her about them before she died and she loved your bags and wanted you to have her buttons. I finally got them the other day and need to get them to you. Hey, maybe you'll win the bottle and I can give you the buttons at the same time... ;)


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