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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bags by Bevy - update!

I said I may or may not be on here again... until Friday.  Well, I can't help myself. 

Last evening we went to our Tuesday night - Care Group Meeting.  One of the young single gals had emailed me and asked me to bring along a certian bag for her look at - with her fingers. ;)

Not a problem.

I debated, but decided to take "all" of them along.  When we got to where the meeting was being held... I once again debated about taking them "all" inside.  My first thought was that her and I could come out to the car later, and you know....

I ended up taking them "all" inside...and as she is looking the bag over - she instead decides to purchase a different one.  This one here.

~ Corner Cafe~
(SOLD! to Rachel G.)

While this one was "walking out the door", another friend was looking over this one, and decides to buy...

~Earth, Wind & Fire~

(SOLD! to Cheryl C.)

While that one was being purchased... another friend (I kidd you not) came over and decided to buy one of my favorite little bags, called...


(SOLD! to Kay S.)

So, there you have it!! That's my Bags by Bevy - update
My Etsy shop is just a tad bit empty right now.  Perfect time to go on vacation and see if I get a chance to stock it back up.  I would love to...sew, while away.  We'll see.

Are you as shocked as I am??  Three sales in one evening... totally and completely unexpected.

God is good.  Amen??

Thank you ladies, and may you enjoy (them) to the fullest.  As I like to say...

Creative Usage ~ From my hand to yours!!


  1. Wow! Congratulations on the sales! I'm glad Earth, Wind & Fire found a good home! ;-)
    Enjoy your vacation!

  2. Bevy, I'm so glad you brougth them all inside, so I could look at your beautiful work. You should never think twice about bring your bags to GC (or church :))! Even if I don't buy I love to look at them. Have a great vacation!!!!!
    Rachel G.

  3. Wow! Bevy that is great! I am so happy for you!

  4. You are so talented. I love your work. Bags are my newest thing -- I don't think I could have too many of them. And yours? They're awesome!

  5. Good for you, you crafty girl! And an unexpected, surprise gift from God? Amazing. :)

  6. The texture of your bags intrigues me . . .


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