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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Can and Can't once ran a race...

{ This is one of those poems that I remember as a young girl.  My dad would read to us girls, every night before going to bed.  At the time, there were only 4 or 5 of us.  I don't know if you know - but, I'm the oldest of nine children.  My dad passed away at the young age of 43 - when my youngest brother was 3 yrs. old and I was 23. 

You could say my dad learned this poem - took it to heart, and applied it - well. 

I was just reflecting on the mere fact that my dad persevered in so many ways.  Here was one way...even when he was doggone tired, to the bone... he would-still- read to us at night.  Often times from this book - in effort to instill to us children, morals and values that, Lord-Willing, we wouldn't forget.  I guess, so far it has worked. What is it now? Almost 20 some odd years later, and I still remember... his example. }

And, here is where it most applies to me.  I struggle to "hang in there" as a mother.  As a homemaker.  As a wife.  As a friend. As a neighbor.  As a Beloved Child of God. 

It's evident in something as simple as washing another dish (somedays it's true - I struggle). Picking up another toy. Cleaning up another mess.  Loving through, yet another, misunderstanding.  Taking time out for that needed visit, phone call or get-together. 

I struggle to pray and to persevere in my own personal quiet time... with the Lord.


Can and can't once ran a race.
Can fell down and hurt his face,
But up he jumped and on he ran,
The persevering little man.

In spite of all Can't did or said,
Can kept on going straight ahead.
Can't did not wish to be the last,
Nor did he want to run so fast,
And so he shouted, "Don't you see
That you can never outrun me?"

But Can replied, "That's just your way.
You're telling people every day
They can't do this, and can't do that,
That black is white and the earth is flat;
But you'll not conquer me, for I
Will win this race or die."

They kept on running many years,
And Can at times shed bitter tears
Over the troubles that he met
And oftentimes would weary get.

His feet were sore, the way was rough,
The road did not seem short enough.
      ((this is the part that I really remembered, for some reason))
He sometimes ran and sometimes hopped,
But never, never, never stopped.
At last Can't halted by the way,
And said,  "Now I will rest and play."
And so he waited while his friend
Kept on until he reached the end.
And Can't was left far in the rear
Because he would not persevere.

Can won the race while Can't stood still
He always has, and always will.


* * My 3yr old currently is using the word can't out of context.  I often don't have the heart to correct him - although I do.  Because he is constantly reminding me of this poem every time I hear him say..."No, I can't want it." - meaning, "I don't want it".

: : How do you feel your doing - in running this race? You can or you can't?

Will you hang in there with me?  Will you perservere, to the end?


  1. great poem!
    It's nice to be reminded of this!
    I really LOVE the new look of the photo of your children on the sidebar. They are so NEAT!


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