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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Earth & Beauty

Remember this sneak peek - from the other week?

Well, here it is... the full view of
~Earth & Beauty~


My sister Gladys was here over this past weekend.  She had "ordered" this bag, the last time she was here visiting, which I believe was back at Christmas.  Her friend Melissa was to be the recipient... and I'm waiting to hear what she thinks of Earth & Beauty.

There is another *new* Overnight Style bag in my etsy shop called Earth,Wind & Fire.  Go ahead and check it out if you'd like.



There is some more news, Bags by Bevy related...

I am thrilled beyond measure to have been the recipient myself... for something such as BUTTONS!!!!

That's right.

I was told by friend, Denise, that her Mom (who recently passed away) wanted me to have buttons from her collection.  She enjoyed my bag making so much and loved the bag ("Blessed") that Denise had won from one of my last giveaways.  According to Denise, she said she wanted to be sure that I would get them from her.

There are some real gems in here.  I felt really blessed when I got this gift.  And, I'm not just saying that.

* *Thank you, again, Denise... for making sure that I got these buttons after your Mother passed awayI'm sorry to know of your loss, but with each time I see these buttons or as I use them, you can be sure I'll be thinking of you.  Saying a prayer...for you and your family.


What's more.

I got in a *new* assortment of fabric (upholstery & tapestry) samples, last week.  So, I'm set for a while, now.

Wanna see??

I'll try to not have too much fun.

 But, hey! that's the beauty of living on this earth, is it not? 

The Lord's gives us all things (gifts) to enjoy.  To use... with purpose, to re-purpose and to purposely bless others...and, in so doing, maybe you'll be next.


  1. What a gift you have!

    It's a beautiful bag.

  2. What a great gift of buttons. Lucky you. I have a few jars of buttons and had trouble getting rid of an odd odor. I would wash and dry them and return them to the jar only for the odor to return. A collector told me that it is due to my cellulose buttons (old) so I now don't keep them in covered jars.

  3. That was so sweet of Denise.
    I can't wait to see the pretty bags you'll make with all that fabric!!

  4. What treasures! I know you will make beautiful bags with them!

  5. Wow! Lovely bag and lovely blog. Thank you so much for following my blog :)

  6. What a great present *** Buttons***
    And what a great tip from Mary!


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