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Friday, July 16, 2010

Friday's Finds: {no. 21/10}

Wow.  These Friday's Finds do sure come around quickly, don't they?  It was only last week that I posted about my Maude Moments and my little red stool... it feels just like yesterday.

I've been  in a quandary (I love that word, by the way.  I mean the word itself and not the situation it presents.) as to what to post about for our Friday's Finds today.  I had several things in mind.

I decided...and got to thinking I would let you know about a book I am slo-w-ly reading. 


For good intention. 

It is actually a Marriage Devotional Book. Called: Devotions for a Sacred Marriage.  

It's meant to be read one chapter a week, over the course of one year...therefore intending to take time to really mull over it and take it to heart.

Have you ever heard of the author, Gary Thomas?  

If not.  He is by far one of the best authors that I have come across.  I love (and highly appreciate) his way of writing.  It's down to earth, humerous, honest, full of humility and very insightful.

Several years ago, I worked at a local Christian Bookstore.  It was one of the best jobs in the world. One of the blessed benefits that we received was that we were encouraged to take books home to read (two weeks per book) in order to better suit our customer needs by knowing what was on our shelves.  The "store" encouraged us to read all genres.  And, since "marriage" was a hopeful interest of mine... I had no problem pulling off a book or two out of this section in order to prepare myself for this season of my life - should it ever come.

This is when I stumbled upon Gary Thomas.

 I read his book; Sacred Marriage.  And I actually bought the book, right after reading it, to keep it in my library for, again, a hopeful-one-day-married, reference. 

"What if God designed Marriage to make us holy
more then to make us happy?"

It was a good something to think about.  And, now I know how true that something is.

* * I would venture to say this book would make an ideal wedding/shower gift -if you know of someone who is about to get married.  And, I would echo the author, who says.  It's not that you need to read this book first in order to benefit from the devotional book.  They are meant to be read as separate books.  But it wouldn't hurt, either, if you did read Sacred Marriage - first. 

And, now on to my favorite book by Gary Thomas.  This one is entitled: Sacred Influence. 

"What a man needs from his wife to be the husband she wants."

** Perhaps, if you read my post from yesterday... and you know anything about this book - Sacred Influence - you would encourage me to go back and re-read this book, too. 

Which, I should!!

It would do my soul a personal wonder.  I am so glad I picked this book off of the bargain bookshelf at the bookstore where I worked - some years later - and now it is proudly on my shelf/bedside table.  I would say, one of the BEST BARGAINS I have ever found.
I don't know how many people I handed this book around to, and encouraged them to read it, as well.  No pun intended, but it's a very influential read.  You should get your hands on it -sometime, and read away.

But, back to the devotional book, real quick.  I mentioned to Scott last night.  It's really funny how that the "conversations" we've been having here of late, and the recent sermons, etc. how that they have just been completely coinciding with what the devotional book content lays out. 

Ironic!  eh? 

It just might be a GOD-THING!!

Have yourselves a wonderful weekend. 
 Maybe you'll get a chance to get some reading in, too!!


  1. They all sound like REALLY good reads!

    It's so nice when others share their own personal reviews of books. I appreciate that very much.

    Have a great weekend too!

  2. These sound like really good books. Thanks for sharing your review of them! I like the sounds of the devotional.

  3. OK, I'm off to the bookstore. This book sounds like a book for everyones library.

  4. You are blessed that marriage, a "season of your life", well worth waiting for.


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