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Thursday, July 15, 2010

He loves me, He loves me not...

Do you ever have those moments in your marriage where you sit there and pluck the proverbial daisy in your mind...muttering this sentiment...over and over until the last petal falls?

He loves me, He loves me not, He loves me... He loves me not.

Is it true?  Is it really, really true if it lands on ... he loves me - not?

Probably not.

((you know how our minds race... and, our thoughts run rampant))

Love is action.  Love is a choice. 
Love is a decision based on truth whether or not your feelings follow.

I continue to learn this.


Our Church is currently going through a several - week -series from the book of Ephesians.  Right now were on Chapter 5.

You can be sure it brought up fresh conviction about us, as spouses, loving one another and submitting to one another.

Sparing you any details of our recent conversation, that Scott and I were having... you can be sure it didn't smell (sound) pretty- at least, immediately. 

In my mind, the petals were falling rather quickly.  


W-e-e-l-l-l-l...if truth be told...

I sometimes really struggle to believe that my husband ((still)) loves me.  Even after he tells me he does.  Even after he shows me does.  And, I know my struggle surfaces through my attitude.  It doesn't always wear well.  If you know what I mean.

Regardless of how I FEEL.  I need to make a decision.   A choice to love him back - with action, not just words.

Bottom line.  Love is an attitude.  I want to wear it well.  And, like I said, I'm still learning...and will continue to do so.

: : What does your daisy look like??  Have you been plucking away at petals, too??

As for Scott and I; and just for the record.  Any and all fallen petals are currently swept up and under the proverbial rug.
For now. 


  1. Love that phrase - "wear well" ... Thank you for this post - great thoughts.

  2. It's so important that we nuture our marriage.
    {physically and emotionally}
    It's what holds our entire family unit together.
    When God uses the example of marriage as a model of Christ and the Church...
    You can bet that he has a great plan for the marriage covenant.
    God made our sweet husbands so much differently than us for a GOOD reason.
    According to Ephesians..we are commanded to respect our husbands while they are commanded to love us.
    Submission is really a beeyoutiful thing.
    It is a matter of loving obedience on our part.
    Oh I could go on and on about marriage.
    Thanks so much for sharing your thoughts Bevy.
    So many folks just shove marriage under the rug and I think that the marriage union is something we should strive to make it all that GOD wants it to be.
    Have a sweet day.
    {Pluck those petals, but just skip each one to...he loves me, he loves me, he loves me.!!!}

  3. I struggle with this sometimes, too. But, I struggled with it more when we were in the earlier years of our marriage. Thank you for sharing these beautiful thoughts.

  4. Tom and I taught Pre-Marriage classes for ten years. We kept telling the "kids" over and over, that Love is a decision!
    And another thing we kept telling them, don't stop learning!!


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