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Friday, July 2, 2010


Welcome to Friday's Finds and Scott's Second Sayings.

If you have not been here before, well let me explain it to ya. See, I am the "other half". All month I read my Bevy's posts and peoples responses. Then, on the second, of every month, I get to place in my two cents worth.

Well since it is Friday's Finds, here is what I found......FRIENDSHIP!

As you know, back in May, we had friends visit from TN. Mitzi (years ago) worked with Bevy at the local Christian book store and they have kept in touch over the years. Mitzi's husband and I only have ever really had a chance to meet once about 4 years ago and that was essentially on an overnight visit we had done. Well this time. it being a week long visit, we got to befriend each other more and it was starting of a good friendship.
Bev and I are talking about when we are going down to visit. As, one we would like to; and two, Bevy is itching for a road trip.

Well if you read any of the post of the visit you heard about our night of "COMPATIBILITY". Well I have to place a query about this one card that is in the game. Let me know what your thoughts are, when you see this picture:

{This picture alone created more hysteria and laughter than you can shake a stick at.
(How ya like that Mitzi?)
I guess you'll need to know how to play the game to get a better understanding of it. Anyway.}

We have another good friend (couple) of ours that have returned home to his native land of Kenya to visit family. During their vacation I have been asked to stop in and check on their place. I work right around the corner from where they live. It has been nice, as I will take some evening and hang out there to study. I can get done in 2 hours there what takes me all night at home. This has been a real blessing, as I am falling behind a little

Hey, Do y'all remember Bevy's post about "Why does Marriage takes such Heart Work, anyway"? Well I would like to revisit one picture from that series:

If I can say, this was a very tiring day. It was Thanksgiving week and I had pulled out of Greer,SC. heading to Windy City, IL. On my return trip I had to go via MI by a maintenance shop to have an issue addressed with my truck. The detour burnt my day and I headed out with just a little time left.

I called dispatch to see if they wanted me to pick up in Toledo and keep the cars over the weekend and deliver on Monday. They said no, "get home for Turkey, don't worry about the cars." While I was most appreciative, I explained I was low on hours and would need to stop in Toledo for the night anyhow. I would be right there and be loaded in hour. They again declined so off to southeastern Toledo (Perrysburg) I went to stay the night. This was T-day eve. I called Bev and let her know I was coming home for T-day but I would miss the family gathering. Only to  find out the plans had changed for the hour of eating. With the new plans, I told Bevy..."Well don't tell anyone, but I just might make T-day".....

I woke up about 4:30 next morning, brushed my teeth and grabbed a cup of joe to go. I gave everything I had to get home, and 9 straight, non-stop, dead-head hours later I set my air brakes in my parking spot in Southeastern PA. When I opened the door to the truck, I had been so tense that my legs and arms would not budge and Bevy essentially had to catch me falling out of the truck. Went home, took a quick shower, and headed to my brother-in-law (yes fellow red-neck) John's house - about 45 minutes away and yes! its a "no-brainer", Bevy drove.
** Bevy had called earlier in the day and had "explained" she was having some issue getting out of the house and would be running a little late. ;)

When we arrived I didn't know if my mother-in -aw was going to hit me or kiss me for the surprise. I don't think BIL John could believe I pulled off what I did (at least until last summer, and then this past January- but that's a whole 'nother story.)
Well later that night, still at John & Rachel's -  this is what I looked like, 500 miles, 15 hours, and one happy-to-be-home boy.

Oh, the stories I will get to share with my kids when they grow up.

Before I go, I do want to have a shout out to Mary Ann, for one of your comments you've made recently......It is a man thing Mary Ann. We (men) just pick things out of the fridge to consume without forthought. I'll let Bevy tell you about my 'milk' mishap some time back. It just reminded me of Andy's pudding story.

Well I will sign off now, but before I do. Please take a moment and thank God for the blessings in your life. The blessing's he has poured out over this country. We celebrate our country's birthday this weekend - 234 years. She, to this day has the longest running Constitution. Our fore fathers laid their everything on the line for this country.

If you think you have it rough, let me ask you a question.........

.Reach in your pocket, or purse. Tell me what you pull out............loose change? Well your among the top 2% of the richest people in the world. 

Think this country is not worth fighting for...........Tell me about the last time you were beaten and assaulted for not having your face covered.

Think the government owes you something.......Last time I read the Declaration of Independence it said you have the right to Life, Liberty, and the PURSUIT of Happiness. There is nothing saying your "owed" it.

May God Bless America AGAIN!

Have a wonderful weekend, and a safe 4th of July!!


  1. Hi Scott! Good to 'hear' from you :) Your post made me SMILE.
    Chris wants to know if you got his last email and if you have a different email addy.

    Thanks for the memories-
    May our Lord richly bless you and your family!

  2. Scott,
    It is always good to hear from "ya". I like the way you put things, like "low on hours".
    Good discription.
    Keep scrubbing your neck, cause I like it RED.
    Happy 4th to you and your precious family.


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