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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cabin Vacation : : Friendships

Family vacations are always a good time to make new friends and to reconnect with the old.  While these dear beauties are two of my sister's - Gladys on the left and Juline to the right - sometimes it takes a planned time together to intentionally "reconnect" with whomever it is.  Know what I mean?

My sister Gladys is the one who is a head cook at Bald Eagle Boys Camp - not too far from where our cabin is.  She told me that she had a project for me at some point during our vacation - that being to redesign a wreath, to spruce it up a bit- for a prominent wreath that hung inside their "chuck wagon".  I'll show you the wreath later this week.

So, of course that meant we needed to go shopping!

What a great way to "reconnect", right?

It. Was. Fun.

However, a lot of the time while on vacation is spent sitting around and relaxing.  I was able to sew, mostly after the little ones went down for the night.  And that's when Jules and I would "reconnect" - if she wasn't off playing games till 1:00 in the morning.

She'd often just sit down and we'd discuss sewing and many other unrelated topics. ;)  I missed my other three sister's (Rachel and Martha) being there with us...and well, Lorene was - but she had to leave early Tuesday Morning.

**I also want to say, that although I took a lot of pictures - half of our vacation was spent thinking I did not have an operating camera anymore.  It totally refused to work.  Frustrating, to say the least.  And, then... as if by cue that we were heading home... it decided to "come alive".   So, I missed out on taking quite a few photos of some great memories.

Like of my Aunt and Uncle - my uncle is scheduled for a bone-marrow transplant, this coming Friday.  We were so glad that they were able to come and be with us another year - at the cabin.  It was so good to "reconnect" with Mary & Roy... and just be family.


Caleb and Aubrey were having fun making some new friends.

Somebody had gone around and carved out little animals (bear and such) out of tree stumps.  Caleb was actually "holding a conversation"... with this little guy.  Sizing him up.


Looks like we need to work on this brother/sister relationship a bit more

And then, there was this guy.

This little skunk sitting on the front porch was, I suppose, there for decoration.  Perhaps meant as a doorstop.

I asked Caleb - after seeing him get down to him, nose to nose, again making friends - what he thought it was that he was talking too.

A STUNK! was his quick reply.

A stunk?!?!  I had to laugh...

"Buddy, wrong word - right connotation."

He certainly got the right "scents" of the word.  No doubt about that.

All, in all.  It was a good time to rekindle relationships (And, like Scott alluded to in his post on Monday, he said he felt like he actually got a chance to catch up with younger friends and family that on a normal basis - we don't always get to or the conversation doesn't get as deep as it could.)


I'll leave you with this photo to enjoy!

I don't know how long I sat there waiting for the hummingbird to fly into my frame.... he kept flitting around - coming close and then flying off.  Have you ever seen a hummingbird up close and personal?  They're beautiful and amazing.  I wanted a picture, so badly.

I thought for sure I'd be just as sweet of company.  Nah! 

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