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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Cabin Vacation : : Fun & Games

As was mentioned, almost every evening and sometimes way into the wee hours of the mornings... you could be playing a game.  Scatterg*ries was the hit game this year...
along with the Nibbles.

My Mother-in-law just couldn't help herself and sent - I don't know how many batches of - Nibbles along with us, for the gang to enjoy.  Thanks, Susie Mom!

There were a few other fun things that happened, too. 

Along with lots of volleyball, skipping stones across the creek, shooting clay-pigeons, playing rounds of frisbee golf, or singing late-night kereoke around the campfire, there was the...

Lollipop Ring Toss:


(unintentional) Tube Ringem, Race & Roll:

"Hey Nate, lets have a race!"


I'll leave you with this scenery photo:

This rock formation was already in place before our gang arrived...

 Somebody else had themselves some fun, that's for sure!


  1. What fun! Looks like you all had a wonderful vacation! :)

  2. What sweet, sweet photos!
    memory making at it's best!!!

  3. I think the last pic of the rock formation looks like an alter.

  4. Another great ending pictures!
    Your vacation reminds me of the summer camp I use to send my kids to, only it's your family!
    You guys must of had so much fun. Love it!


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