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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cabin Vacation : : Let's go Fishin'

It wasn't long after the heavy rains that came through Saturday night and again on Sunday afternoon... we found Caleb, wishen' to go fishen'.


Come on, Buddy!  Let's go "real fishen".  By the way.  That's my brother... (a.k.a. Uncle J.) Justin.  Now.  He's what I'd call a good catch... just sayin'.

Caleb caught his first fish!

((yeah! I did it!!))

Of course, it was a catch & release... but what was funny, was that he wasn't sure whether to laugh or to cry. Seriously.  He was both excited and scared at this idea of fishing and this so-called- fish-thing flopping around at his feet. 

But. The next day, Caleb wanted to see what was really going on with these fish - caught by two of my cousins, Reuben and Philip.  Even, Danielle, one of the young gals, wanted to try her hand on cleaning a few of them. 

NOT ME!!!!!!!!!!

I'll leave you with this scenery photo:


  1. Wow, that last picture is spectacular!

    Caleb is the spitting image of Uncle J! And to catch his first fish, there will be a special bond with those two.

    What a great vacation!

  2. I love the little guy fishing in the mud hole. He is such a BOY! My kids always felt that same way with their first fish, excited and horrified. So glad you had such a wonderful vacation.

  3. Fun, fun, fun!!!! I'm glad you all had such a great time. What a neat family!!!! You are truly blessed!


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