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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Cabin Vacation : : The Lord's Protection

My sister, Lorene, should be the one sharing this post.

WARNING:  This is going to be a long.

But, before I get too far ahead of myself, let me just set the stage for you - of before Scott and I arrived at the cabin.  Most of the "gang" arrived at the cabin sometime on Friday.  My sister, Lorene, being one of them.  My other sister, Juline, drove our van to the cabin, on Saturday morning - with our two children, so that Scott, Myself and my Mother could attend one of my cousin's wedding.  Fun times at the cabin were already - well underway.

About the time we arrived to the cabin, later, Saturday evening... we began to notice signs of an upcoming storm.  Even some of the other family and friends - who had been out driving around came back to the cabin, saying about a tornado watch, severe thunderstorms in the immediate area and possible hail. 

Then came the thunder and lightning. 

Now. I love me a good thunderstorm.  Scott hates them.

We've been to the cabin, many times in the past -when good ole thunderstorms come through.  The sound of the thunder ricocheting off from one mountain to the next is definitely impressive.

My sister Lorene, had been tenting - which she loves to do.  In the past, I've joined her as well as some of my other siblings.  We'd have our own little campfire, etc.

The area where the tent was usually set up, was in this little alcove of bush and trees.  Basically, right under this particular tree.

You can see her tire marks in the grass, as she had quickly gotten her tent down and put away at the first start of rain, on Saturday evening.

Then it poured.

It rained and rained so hard.

Lightning flashing through the skies.  I was more concerned about my metal-mouth brother, Nate, and his metal-mouthed buddy, Tyler, then anything as they and the rest of the gang decided to sit out on the front porch (or under the pavillion) the whole evening.  Crazy people.

I'm really surprised that the little ones settled down for the night - as well as they did.  Lorene managed to find an empty room to spend her night.

Fast forward to Sunday AM. 

The skies had cleared for the most part, but it looked like it could sprinkle again- at any moment.  We found ourselves at a little Mennonite Church (about 15-20 minutes away, if that) for Sunday Service.  One that we attend, every year we're up there.  Our goal is to have lunch ready by the time we get back, from service... so we have time to quick eat and "off to play".

We made Meatball Subs (frozen meatballs in sauce, under foil, heating up in the oven), Corn (in the crockpot) and a green lettuce salad.  The Eclair desserts were already in the fridge and waiting.  All 26 of us were S-T-A-R-V-I-N-G!!!

The wind picks up - STRONG.  Very Strong. 

Like I said, we just got back from church, folks were changing out of Sunday clothes into whatever they were going to be wearing for the rest of the day.

ALL of a SUDDEN.  The lights and fans in the cabin - go out.  We had lost power.   Only to realize that this particular tree had come down in the wind.  Pulling electrical wires off of the side of the cabin.  I didn't get a picture but the wires were hanging inches above the parked vehicles....lined up, out across the yard.  

Lorene's tent would've been in the immediate path of where the tree had fallen.  She could've been out there -changing or resting.   We all just breathed a sigh of relief -grateful for the Lord's Protection - knowing she was safe, as well as the rest of us.

We're not sure if the tree had been struck by lightening the night before, or what.

Look how it had twisted off.  Amazing! 

Thankfully, the cabin has an emergency-only phone available to use. There is no cell service. Scott called to report our lack of electricity. We're basically out in the boondocks, so it took awhile for them to figure out where we calling from... trying to figure out an address.  Finally - they were able to come out about 4 hours later.

We found a couple of lanterns (not too many candles or flashlights around, to our surprise) and thankfully, lunch was pretty well ready to eat.  That was a little crazy - 26 people cooped up to the confines of a cabin with no running water and or electricity....kinda like the good ole days.  Uhmmm... made me sorta miss the outhouse, out back.

The sun came out again... and dried up all of the rain.  And, according to Caleb; "Bob, the Builder had arrived"... due to the men wearing their hard-hats.  He & Scott had fun watching the men at work.

Here is my scenery photo, for today.

This happens to be a year-round home, about two miles down the road from the cabin, that belongs to a much older woman, named Ruth.  Her one son and his family live right next door and are very much involved in the church that I just spoke about.

Ruth, and her late husband Emery, lived here as long as I can really remember.  It turns out my uncle and my dad, both went to high school with a couple of their boys - back in the day.  We have many fond memories of Ruth and her husband - from whenever we have gone to the cabin.

I snapped this picture as we were leaving to go home.  Pretty good for a drive-by, point and shoot, action shot, eh??

How would you like to live up here year round, with the bear, the rattlesnakes, deer and other other wildlife, daily, at your back door?  Thunderstorms at the drop of a hat...

This home is currently for Sale!

It's sad to think that Ruth will no longer be a part of the future cabin memories, as she and her family are currently in the works of moving her down-state, closer to other family.

If you think of Ruth, would you say a prayer for her?  Pray for continued peace, comfort and a measure of good health.  This is going to a big change in her life...


  1. I'm so glad you all were safe. It sounds like you had much more of an adventure than you wanted!
    I hate to think what could have happened if Lorene hadn't moved her tent!
    Looks like Caleb was very involved with what was going on. That's a cute picture of him with his dad.

    It is a beautiful spot. I'll pray for Ruth and that things will go well for her in this time of transition.

  2. Wow!! Now I know what you meant by the tree being "twisted"!

    Isn't He good....

  3. WOW! I am so glad that no one got hurt. God certainly is amazing in the protection he provides.


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