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Monday, August 23, 2010

Dutch Tomatoes (and, a couple of prayer requests!)

They are coming -off the vine- by the handfuls.  I love tomatoes.  I'm so glad that this year... blight was not an issue for us.  One recipe that I've found to be a favorite in our home is: Dutch Tomatoes

Even Caleb eats tomatoes - like they're candy.  Aubrey insists that they're 'apples'.  Which I just read recently in the dictionary that the definition of a love-apple is also known as a tomato.  So, in a sense she is right. ;)

It's an easy, peasy side-dish-recipe.  One that if your family loves tomatoes - you'll have a real winner on your hands.

**Take a favorite platter (deep is good).  Slice as many tomatoes as you want.  Then slice some onion (can use red onion, but it doesn't matter), very thin.  Sprinkle brown sugar over the tomatoes and onion.  Finally, drizzle some Balsamic Vinegar (you can use cider vinegar) - all around.  Serve Immediately.
That's it!!


Oh, and thanks for all the well-wishes on the 'date outings'... from Friday.  So fun!!  I got some great pics of the kids... and of me and my honey's date night.  I'll probably show them off later this week. ;)

Here are a couple of prayer requests:

- Scott plans to head to the airport - soon after work to pick up a friend of ours.  Her flight gets in at around 11:30 PM.  She is coming from Kenya.  Long story, but her husband will follow sometime early September. You can imagine how exhausted she will be - as she says she can't sleep on a plane. 
Scott thinks he'll be getting 'back home' around 4am-ish, Tuesday.  Taking Tuesday off to sleep and study...
Please pray for safety (for Rachelle) and for Scott to be 'alert' and focused.  His mind seems to be in a thousand directions all at once.

Which brings up the second prayer request.

- Scott plans to take a double exam on Saturday.  He has been trying his BEST to utilize his schedule to work around his friends/family requests and other normalcy's of being a husband (ie; date night) and dad all while trying to keep his studies going at a comfortable, but necessary pace (ie; Chop. Chop.)
It's been rough.  But, the end is in sight.  And the outcome is fully in God's hands.  Scott has done his part to study.  I just know I haven't always been as patient and gracious, in my heart, as I should have been at times.
Sorry, honey.

Just keep us in your thoughts and prayers.
Oh, and eat a few tomatoes - they're good for you, too.


  1. lifting you family up this week!
    Beeyoutiful tomatoes!

  2. Good for Scott for keeping all his balls up in the air for such a long time. He will be rewarded in so many ways.
    Yes, I will pray for Scott but also for you. It's not easy to watch, someone you love, try so hard and not be able to help (school,work,etc.). You are a wonderful wife! You allow Scott to focus on the tasks at hand.

    I will be trying your recipe as soon as our tomatoes ripen.

    Bless you Bevy!

  3. I can't believe you have Dutch tomatoes on here. I'm taking them to a family gathering this evening! We've been so blessed this year with a good tomato crop, such an improvement over last year. BTW- my husband is non-Menno background too, and is constantly amazed at how we're all connected!


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