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Monday, August 30, 2010

The good ole days of summer!

: : The old wash tub, bought at my grandparents sale : : 

I can remember this was used for many a thing...

* washing their dog * cooling corn * hauling apples * grand-kids playing in & cooling off * summer time baths *

I'm so glad I have this tangible memory.


Just letting pictures speak for themselves...today!

Here's to just making a few tangible memories of our own... and thank-you, Amanda, for your inspiration in Summer's Simple Things.


  1. {{blushing}}

    The photos are the BEST!

    The old tub is just screaming "summer"!!!

    The looks on their faces...

    What a wonderful summer simple thing!

  2. AWESOME! Love the photos and the old washtub. Did you get a new camera?

  3. Such great photos. They really capture the moment. I am imagining all the things you will use the tub for.

    I would love to read your friend Amanda's blog but it is open to invited readers only.

  4. What sweet pictures...a great way to beat the heat! :)


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