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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

~Hollyhock Beauty~

I sure do love hollyhocks.  When I see them in passing or say, here at my sister's place...I always feel a bit of nostalgia rising up within me. 
Hollyhocks just define the term, "old-english".  To me - they are so charming, so stately and yet so homey.

Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of nature...
Crickets chirping, doves cooing, cows lowing,
bees buzzing.

It's quite a performance and it's all for free!
(quote taken from a Gooseberry Patch book- Simple Country Pleasures)


Aren't my sister's hollyhocks beautiful??  I've always wanted to "explode" my gardens with charming, "old-english" forms of nostaglia.  BUT...

"...such gardens are not made by singing:  'Oh how beautiful! and all while sitting in the shade'."
~ Rudyard Kipling

Gardens truly take hardwork, time and energy.  And although, I do love the way my flowerbeds turned out this year...with surprises here and there by a few "volunteers", I don't have much space left to work with. 

{This photo is a little bit behind.  I have beautiful Zinnia's on the far end...that according to this photo look non-existent.  I also have several bushy green bean plants - growing beautifully in the center...again, according to this photo -look like they are not there.  Trust me... they are.  Can't wait to pick a handful or two.}

But, I honestly think I will be finding room for some Hollyhocks next year.  They've got to "fit in" somewhere.  They just have too.

 : :Thank you, Rachel, for allowing me the pleasure to show off your beauties...


  1. Hi B, Your welcome.

  2. Hollyhocks are probably my favorite garden flower ever. Just gorgeous. Love your pics.

  3. I love them too! How about right along your white picket fence? Since they are so tall this would be a great place for them.

  4. Such gorgeous photos Bevy! I *love* Old English anything...I married into an English family and there is some British on my side of the family as well...I think it runs in the blood. :)

    The photos of your children on your sidebar are adorable...love the vintage look!

    Blessings to you!
    In Him,

  5. What gorgeous photo's and very english.



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