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Monday, August 2, 2010


Howdy fellow Bevy PONDERLINGS!!!....Yes, I guess you could call me a ponderling too. WOW, it is hard to believe we are back to a second of the month again. If my typing is a little atrocious, please fogive me as I have been trying to terach myself to type without looking at the keyboard. I signed up for this online, teach yourself class. So far in the last month all I have done is one course.

What does Scott have to say???? Well a few things...First I would like to give a big shout out to our guests we had on Sunday for lunch. We will call them Mr. & Mrs. H. and family (4 kids). As you all know that in my studies it is difficult for me to find where we can fit in social affairs at times. Well, this weekend we hit a good 'take a break' point, so we called the H's to see if they would stay for lunch Sunday after service. Mr H. was not at home, but he did call back later, and they accepted out invitation. Mr. and Mrs. H*** - Just a quick thanks for letting us host ya'lls family for lunch. Bevy and I (& kids) enjoy fellowshiping with your family very much. If I may, Mr. H.  thank you for the sacrifice you and yours make to be part of our church. I know it is some distance for you to travel and am thankful that Bevy and I have had the oppurtunity to befriend ya'll.

Bevy, some years ago, used to travel quite a distance for church, and I would like to share her motto with you and the rest of blogland; "A church that's alive, is worth the drive".
Again, we thank you for your friendship!

If you did not get a chance to read Bevy's post (Friday's Finds) about the little red stool, I would recommend that read, as well as "Maude's" follow up post as she was a guest poster last week. This red stool is very dear in our family as it has housed many seat sitting situations. I would most like to just reflect on Maude for a minute.

As you know, Bevy and Maude use to split an old farm house. This is were they lived when Bevy and I met. Maude was a great neighbor, and friend then and still is to this day. I too remember MANY MANY conversations of you (Maude) coming over to 'chat'. It has always been interesting watching what you and Bevy would get into. I sure do miss those days as well, and I hope you know your always welcome with an open door to come and sit on the 'old red stool'.  Amiee, it's sure been fun using your nic-name: Maude.

I do want to post just a quick note while I am thinking about it, Melanie posted a comment about the tree that fell at the cabin. Wait until Bevy posts what was originally sitting there and supposed to be where the tree fell. But due to a last minute change, the evening before, it was not there when the tree fell.

In case you have missed it, we have been gone for the last week. Every year the family has a cabin we rent the last week in July and this has been an annual event for now about 35 years. I thnk the years I have known Bevy and have been going, this is about the best time so far. Alot I feel has to do with some of the family getting older now and some had to return to work for Monday and Tuesday and thus the latter portion of the week was not so populated with people. The weather was muggy on Saturday when we got there after being at a wedding all day.

Side note.....I heard a GREAT sermon on marriage and passage taken out of Song of Solomon. Bevy's cousin that got married, he and his bride had asked for certain passages to be read, and the pastor that did the message, well, he let it fly. I only remember his name (Matthew), but God really gave him a great sermon...

OK, back to the cabin. I think the one picture that Bevy had on Sunday for looking "up creek" is actually looking "down creek" (so just a clarification). The kids were fabulous; although, Caleb the first night did get lost in the hall. I think he might have been sleep walking. Appears there was alot of that going on, as another night, we found Bevy's brother wondering the hallway, too. He did not recall anything about it, the next morning. The time to relax and enjoy family and friend's fellowship was very relaxing. Even got to know folks that I see regually but never got too much time to talk. It was just really nice interacting with everyone.

I am going to sign off. This month is going to be interesting, as I have a double examine at the end of the month (Two exams in one day). Bevy will receiving an order from my aunt for several more bags, as she wants to give them as gifts this year. All this not to mention the regular day to day functions of family life.

Thank you all for stopping in, and BTW I've looked more at my key board than the screen....  and, I'm sure that Bevy is just chommpin at the bit to use spell check...oh well. ;)

God Bless!


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time on vacation and great job with the typing! :)

  2. Hi, Scott. Good to hear from you again.
    So glad you all had a great time on vacation.
    Hope your exams go well! :)

  3. love the quote about driving to church....
    we drive 30 minutes away when we could be at one in 30 seconds. that family feeling is worth it to us!

  4. So nice that you take part in the blog...
    Looking forward to reading more on the second of the months!

  5. Scott, another great post. I have to say, the picture of you studing while on vacation was
    commendable and a great shot. Then there was the fishing picture... all looked like fun (except the studing one).
    Life is all about spreading the love! Which you do so well.

  6. You guys are too much - thanking US for coming up and eating YOUR food at YOUR house - and right after you had JUST gotten back from vacation - and before a month like you are about to have......

    What a precious, precious family you are.

    The drive is SO worth it with friends like you guys at the end. I LOVE how God uses His bride to make the journey so sweet. Thank you for a wonderful time of rest and fellowship!


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