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Monday, August 16, 2010

Queen Anne's Lace

When I was a young gal, we had a field of Queen Anne's Lace, just behind our house.  I can remember my Mother, telling my sister's and I to go and gather bouquet after bouquet. 

What we would do was to put food coloring into the water. Sometimes red.  Sometimes purple.  Sometimes blue, green or orange.  One color at a time.

We would watch our white bouquets turn different hues. And, everytime we would just be "so amazed".


To this day, Queen Anne's Lace remains a (another) favorite flower of mine!

: : Photos of Queen Anne's Lace taken at my sister's place.


  1. I have always wondered what it looks like. There is a line from Anne of Green Gables where she is tucking a sprig into Diana's hair and says, "This is the last of the Queen Anne's Lace for the summer," but you don't get a good view of the flower. It is beautiful.

  2. I stop my car and pick a bouquet when ever I can.
    Some people consider them weeds. What are they thinking?
    I am going to add food coloring to my next bouquet!

  3. I had the same thing growing up! Ours was the first house built on our street, so we were surrounded by fields, which were filled with Queen Anne's Lace. We used to dye them, too! I never see them around here, but I'd love to find some and dye them with my kiddos.

    I'd forgotten about that line in Anne of Green Gables!

    Thanks for the beautiful pictures and for bringing back good memories. :)

  4. So fun! We have lots of it around here. I'll have to let my kids dye the water to make some pretty colors.

  5. Hey Bev, just a thought for you, do you know what queen anne's lace really is? I read that it is a wild carrot. And yes they are very beautiful and some have a small purple flower in the center.

  6. It's just beautiful and shows that in your lovely pics. I use it in my rose arrangements, it really sets them off.

    God bless ya and have yourself a marvelous Monday sweetie!!!


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