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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Smile! (and I still love the color green).

Through a couple of very generous people; my Mother, my Sister, my Aunt and another friend... we were given about 2 and a 1/2 baskets worth of fresh garden green beans.  All in the course of about two days.  We shared some... and ate alot of them. Didn't we - Aubrey & Caleb?

I blanched and froze about 7 quarts.  The kiddo's had fun -eating, helping to snap them and oh, did I mention eating??

I just want to say the kids did so good -while I did all of the grunt work. Which really means I sat and cleaned and cut the beans to size.  It helped to sing songs and tell stories...another front porch moment - while the rain drops started to fall.

That was one day.  The next time of doing green beans, I didn't get the process started until about 10:30am.  And, here we go again.  Cleaning, cutting,( or snapping) and eating them... getting the jars ready for processing, etc.

I don't have a pressure canner. 


That meant I needed to have these jars in the canner for three hours at a time...keeping the water at a consistant rolling (gentle) boil. 


The last of the 13 quarts are finished.

Notice the canner. on the stove, at the end of the row. 

**Thanks for hanging in there with me - my canner friend. ;)  You worked hard today. Not like you don't already, like when you house all my extra dry goods.  But, look what you did to my jars... you gave them all a white, hazy, calcified seal of approval.  Thanks alot!   I so appreciate it.

By, the way.  ALL of the jars sealed - immediately. 

The first batch to come out.

Which is a very good thing.

((Smile!  And, I still love the color green - Oh, yes I do.))


  1. I was blessed to be given a pressure canner last summer. I've always used my old canner in years past, doing exactly what you are doing. It never seemed to bother me that it took me all day to make 2 cannings, until...I overcame my fear of the pressure canner and i tell you, it was like MAGIC when I took those beans off after just 20 minutes!
    Girl, you have got to get you a pressure canner!!!
    Love the photos!!!!!
    I am glad that you still love the color grean, our family loves green beans and it's a wonderful feeling to get them stored up for the winter!

  2. Amanda, I think that's just it. I have this hidden fear of pressure canners.

    I'm just 'proud' of myself for doing this much. I grew up the oldest of nine and this is what my mother, grandmothers and aunts all did... it's in my blood to do it. I just am now getting the opportunity to "git er done"...for my own family.

    I'm sure a pressure canner is in my future.
    I love every single time you comment. You're so great to get to know. thanks.

  3. I can just picture you chopping and singing with your children. Great memory making!

  4. That brings back lots of memories for me. When I was growing up, we had a big garden and Mom did lots of canning. The kitchen was sweltering, and since we didn't have air conditioning, we retreated to the basement.

    I was so afraid the pressure cooker was going to explode! :)

  5. I used a pressure canner for the first time last year. It was so easy. I love green too.

  6. would you believe that i too, am DRAWN to the color green?!!? i told Mr. S. at graduation that i would NEVER wear that color agian! i am always eating my words!

  7. Great job! I've resorted to freezing my green beans since I don't have a pressure canner. I do love home-canned beans though. So good! Store-bought ones-not so much.

    My sister and I can potatoes together every other year or so. We use her pressure canner for that. I'm scared of it still, so I make her do everything with it. I'll gladly peel and chop potatoes! LOL!!!

  8. Isn't it a blessing when others share? I don't know exactly how much it was we were given, 1 bushel (?), but we got 42 jars canned, plus a little to freeze, not enough for another canner full, and the countless amount fresh eaten by the children.

    I was able to get over my fear of the pressure canner. The same people who gave us beans, gave us the canner. The first day of doing beans, my husband actually released pressure to shorten the wait time between batches. All was well, but for losing some water from the jars. It freaked me out and I was waiting for something to blow its top. When I did the next day's batches, I sat patiently in front of the stove with sewing in hand.

    HEY, a fellow coffee drinker! I like mine sweet with a plop of half and half. :)


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