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Sunday, August 1, 2010

Cabin Vacation : : Highlights

Like I mentioned on Friday - it's good to be home.  It was a fast week - away.  And, although I took a "ton" of pictures, for the last half of the week I thought my camera had broke on me.   I was sick!  I could not believe it decided to give up the ghost while on vacation.

Guess what!  Once we got home, it decided to "come back to life".  (of course!)  It's still a bit finicky, but it is working.  That said...I can at least give you a glimpse of our time, at the cabin.  

For today, I thought I'd show you just a few of the highlights of our vacation and then throughout the week...I'll go into greater depth, from the pictures that I show here, sharing many more photos and a few more details on some of the events/activities - that we found ourselves doing.

Looking upstream, off the bridge, just before the cabin.

Lots of walks, riding bikes and sitting around relaxing.

We were so glad we took our wagon along.  The kids had a blast getting rides in it, and just playing in it - for fun.

Lots of fishing!!  There are a couple of stories surrounding this topic.

Games and Nibbles.
(lots of laughter and snacking going on)

Fun times with tubes and water.

Lots of heavy rain, thunderstorms and the Lord's Protection.


We made new friends and re-established other friendships.

I re-designed a wreath, for my sister - wait till you see the results!

Scott, took the time to study and yes! I got some time to sew...

I was able to sew up three bags, two of which are in my etsy shop - which re-opened today.

A * N * D

last, but not least...
At the end of each upcoming post, I'll share a scenery photo or two from the week, just for fun.

** Tomorrow is the 2nd of the month.  For those of you who don't know, that is the day that my hubby likes to put his two-cents worth in.  We call it "Scott's Second Sayings".  He tells me he has a post ready to go - so please join us to hear what he has to say.


  1. Great pictures!
    Looks like everyone had a fun time.
    I love the picture on the bridge - very peaceful.
    So glad you all were OK during the storm. Those are some huge trees that fell!
    Looking forward to seeing the wreath. :)
    Have a blessed Sunday.

  2. Welcome Back (again)
    Almost every one of your pictures had some sort of green in it. It must have been relaxing.
    Looking forward to more stories, more pictures. Where was this cabin?

  3. good to have you back!
    Looks like it was a sweet vacation!

  4. Your brother's neck looks SOOO sunburned! OUCH!


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