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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Guess what I'm doing - today - for the first time?

I'll be attending...

You can pray.  I'm nervous, but we (the kids and I) need to get out and do something like this.  I'm excited, too.  And I'm looking forward to see what we can get out of and what we can contribute, by going to MOPS.

: : Have you ever done anything like this?  Did you enjoy? : :


  1. My first MOPS experience wasn't that great-I actually only did it for a 1/2 yr, cuz of it. But my second one was great, I did it for 2 years at The Worship Center. Loved the ladies there, great fellowship, good childcare, wonderful eating. Hope it goes well for yoU:)

  2. I did MOPS and loved it - but not at first. It took a while to get to know complete strangers (who knew each other!) but it all worked out eventually but you just gotta stick with it!
    You go girl!

  3. This sounds great! You have so much to offer to others. They will be bless to have you join them.
    Word of encouragement; if you were lead to be apart of this, then it's the right time and place for your family.

  4. Thanks for your honest thoughts and input (thank you, Christine for that specific word of encouragment), ladies.

    I JUST got back home - my kids are wiped out!! They had a blast and I knew that they would.
    For myself, I did enjoy it. I "happened" to know alot of faces from when I worked at a local Christian bookstore and some ladies more personally because I actually worked alongside of them at the same local bookstore.

    Isn't that fun??

    God's grace and kindness - to help calm my many nerves and yeah, it was a blessing.

    I'll be diving right in there to join in with serving in it's little lending library and being a member of the "secret sister club" is part of this, too. That will be loads of fun...

  5. I've never done Mops. So glad you had a good time! :)

  6. Nope, didn't have MOPS back in the dark ages but I'm sure if ya give it a chance you'll make new friends who will be bless by knowing a sweet christian lady like you. Have a great time sweetie.

    God bless and have a super fun day!!!


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