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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Interrupting "Scott's Second Saying's", for today, with Practicing Simple Hospitality - Part Three

How does one really practice ~ hospitality?
Share with God's people who are in need.  Practice hospitality ~ Romans 12:13

Practice makes perfect.  We've all heard that a thousand times.  But in the realm of hospitality... I don't know that it will ever go perfect.  At least for me, this is what I'm learning.

By the way, thanks for coming back for part three.  At the time of writing Part one and Part two, I wasn't even sure I had considered a Part three.  But a couple of the previous posts comments got me to thinking; led me to ponder... and I really wanted to get onto a more serious path in this realm of practicing hospitality. 

Does practicing hospitality always mean donning the apron and making a meal?  That's often what we first think but, no.  Oft'times it's more of the not-so-obvious path.

Sometimes it's really easy to stay within the bubble of our Christian circle and like-minded viewpoint.  We're afraid to side-swipe the sandpaper-ish next door neighbor.  What if we "pop" and our imperfection(s) is out there for all to see?  What if we say or do the wrong thing?  It's known to happen, even to me...

So, we're real.  And we keep practicing...

Recently we've had several neighbors, friends or family come through our doors, and into our home... who are doing life - but it's truly a tough go for them.  They just want to talk. They find themselves going through some of the toughest things they'll ever face or at least "to date", in their life. 

Here is where the question lies.  What is it that they're looking for?  a hand-out? or a hand-up?  Does it really matter??  I'm just asking...

Sometimes are best efforts of 'serving others' goes awry.  We've served the coffee and offered the table for a round of conversation.  It's meant with the best of intentions.  It's with heartfelt and sincere effort to bless... but you know, it's not always recieved the way we expected it to be recieved.

We are still called to practice it.

Sometimes it truely does mean a last-minute meal.  I've (also) had this happen, where we've had to pull out a few more chairs... slice a few more tomatoes, open a jar of green beans  - adding to the "already planned" menu - just to welcome the unexpected guest who agreed to stay for dinner.  We asked... they didn't hestitate.

Two things keep coming to my mind.

One. Always live out your day - expecting company
I'm not sure where I recently read that piece of advice.  But, I really like it.  If I'm "prepared" to some extent... than I'm not flustered and uptight over that unplanned, spontaneous event.

Two. Just do it. 
Anticipate it. Speak it. Give it. Show it. Share it. Teach it. Live it. ... practice simple hospitality.  It really doesn't have to be anything fancy.  Fancy if you want to be, but really, who's going to notice - if it's done from the heart and there is nothing expected in return.

: : Seriously.  I would love to hear of some of your spontaneous hospitable moments.  Have you been a recent recipent of someones simple hospitality?  Are you already practicing??  If not, would you start praciticing along side of me??

For example.

Today I gave a vine-ripened tomato to the UPS guy - he did not know what to do himself.  You could tell he was a bit shocked, suprised and tickled. ;)
 I didn't have to do that, and I almost didn't... thinking what's this guy going to do with a tomato 'rolling' around in his truck?  But I gave it anyway... and I felt good about it... and I think he felt 'blessed, too'.

I don't know- I'm just practicing.
Hospitality (n.) the reception and entertainment of guests or strangers with liberality and kindness.
Hospitable (adj.) 1. affording a generous welcome to guests or strangers. 2. inclined to or characterized by hospitality. 3. favorably receptive or open


  1. ...still enjoying this series.

  2. This is something I need to improve upon. Thanks for doing this series.

  3. Okay. Here is an update to the tomato story, that I shared at the end of my post. ;)

    My MIL happened to be here at the same time the tomato was given to the UPS driver. She knew I had given it to him.
    She was ready to leave (in her car) and needed to wait so that he could pull out.

    She said, by the time he actually got going out the driveway, he had eaten over half of that tomoto. She said, I sat there in my car and watched him do it.

    I think it was totally enjoyed. Don't you?


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