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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Woman of Influence

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A long time ago, I read a book by Pam Ferrel called "Woman of Influence".  I don't remember much of what the book is about other then that it was good...really good... and that it recently beckoned to me from the shelves of my personal library. 

Pick me!  Pick me!  You really should re-read me...

As I thumbed through the first several pages I remembered how much this book originally inspired me to be that one "woman of influence".  I don't know if I've attained this status yet or not.  I think I first read this book back in my early to late twenties.  So, now with me in my late thirties... I wonder?

Am I a Woman of Influence?

The other day my husband and I were talking and a tear came to my eye as I recounted the thoughts of someone being such an influence in my life.  If it wasn't for Ruth... I would not have the "creativity and inspiration" that I have and feel today is so much a part of my life.  It was her faithfulness as a weekly Home-Ec teacher in my high school years that really fanned the flame; the wind beneath my wings, so to speak, that sparked this interest in me to create and enjoy what I do.  There were others who inspired me in this area, too, but I always go back to "if it wasn't for Ruth" in my life.  I don't know... really, I don't.  She really made a difference in my life.

I am so grateful for Ruth - my Woman of Influence. 


: : What about you??  Is there that one Woman of Influence, in your life?  Tell me about it...

By the way.  There is a difference (though ever so slightly) between Influenced and Inspired.  Can you sense that difference?


  1. I'll have to look for that book.
    My mom is definitely my Woman of Influence.

  2. {my cup is overflowing of women of influence}

    The ONE who stands out is my friend Julie...

    I think their is a difference in inspire and influence...never thought of it though until now.

    It's lovely to be inspired...but what will we do with all that inspiration...

    You've changed my thought on this today and I think I will start to use the word...


  3. I have had many who have influenced me. My grandma, mom, my sisters, my pastor's wife, friends, etc. They all have had a part in who I am. Some more than others, but each and every bit of good, Godly influence I am thankful for.

  4. Bevy,
    I look at those preciouse children of yours and I KNOW you are a woman of influence!
    You probably are thinking, hey, that's not what I mean. But just wait, someday your daughter with be answering your very question,
    "What woman influenced you?". And she'll proudly say YOU did!!!!
    Bey, you have so much beauty inside you and it oozes out all the time. And for this, I have to say that you influence me all the time.

    1. Christine... you are always so encouraging to me. You know that?

  5. Just popped over for a first visit. Enjoyed and following.......

    You have a precious family and a sweet spirit!

    Come see me.


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