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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Your interest has been piqued : Here's the idea that I have...

 . . . . . . .

We're a couple of days away from October, but I've decided to make October my donation month!!!!  It will be One Year officially, in October, that Bags by Bevy has been in business - live on Etsy.

Yeah!  I can hardly believe that myself.

Okay, so here it is!!  I've decided that I would like to donate 10% of ALL bag sales throughout the month of October, towards a mission fund project, within our church. 

But that is not all.

I have one Bag ~ it includes a matching Pocket Pouch ~  that it's entire cost purchase of $50.00, will be donated to help send nine of our own church folks to India.  No one has asked me to do this... I just want to help out, and I thought "what a unique way to get involved" ...  and for you, too. 

Number one, you can be praying for this trip... it sounds extensive to the fact that one of our own pastor's and his wife are planning to lead a seminar for approximately 2,000 men and woman, equipping these folks to go back to their own communities to plant more churches - all across India.

The other 7 folks going along plan to lead out in a Children's Ministry outreach... doing more then I can even imagine, I am sure.

So, this one's for India!!

This bag and pocket pouch combination will not be available for purchase at Bags by Bevy, on Etsy,  until October 1st... at which time, it's name will then be revealed.  That is part of the piqued interest, for your benefit.

So, pray about it. 

Is this one way that you could uniquely get involved, in a missions trip?   Seriously though, if your already part of a great church and they've got something going on -such as a missions trip coming up - think about that first...I would always recommend you support your own local church before anywhere else.



So, what do you think??  Fun??  Cool???  Interesting... different?


  1. Great Idea!!! Beautiful work as well. Isn't it kind of God to give us a gift - then inspire us to use it for Him? And what a gift He has given you my friend!!!!!

  2. I agree with Kristy...what a gift God has given you!

    Such a lovely idea!

  3. Bevy, this is a wonderful idea...I will be praying that it sells and for a successful trip for those in your church who are going to India.

    I am currently doing a missions fundraiser with my children to help send Indian children to Bible Club. It is pretty exciting...$1 will send a child to Bible Club, so we are pumped to see how much we can raise.


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