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Monday, October 25, 2010

Bags by Bevy : Weekend Happenings

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All in one weekend - Bags by Bevy style!

~All is Well~
Bag and Pocket Pouch Combination

This was meant to be sold as a combination - but I broke the set up, at the last minute.  I was at a family reunion on Saturday.  Of course, I took my bags along, to show.  Why wouldn't I?

The bag was sold to Eunice L. and the pocket pouch to Brenda C.  The sole price of this bag combo was a donation made to our India Mission Trip - to be taken with our church, later in November. 

This sale makes me so excited.  Thank you, ladies!

~Corner Cafe~
(Sold to Wanda L.)

Also sold on Saturday at the family reunion.    Thank you, so much,Wanda!  You're gonna love it.


~Going Williamsburg Blue~

(Sold to Linda N.)

I realized I never showed you all this bag.  It was one that never made it into the etsy shop.  My mom's cousin stopped by, our home, one evening to pick something up and asked to see my bag selection.  We had talked about them during a family reunion back in the summer.  I had forgotten about her interest... anyway.  I had this one sitting there ready to post up on my etsy.  Instead, Linda really wanted it... so, SURE!!!! 

She loved the name and said that Williamsburg was where she and her husband went for their Wedding Trip...many years ago.  :)  I was happy to oblige.


Yesterday, I received two confirmed orders for my Homespun Baby! shoes, for the same customer.  It sounds like the little guy, that these shoes are for, is one determined little guy.  These are ONLY pair the shoes for him!  Any other kind will always come off - on purpose.  He will only wear these shoes.   I gave this couple a pair of these shoes as a baby gift... I saw on Sunday.... they look like they have been well used.

This is not the exact pair.  But very similiar to this pair, though.


I was hoping to get some sewing done this weekend - but that didn't really happen.  I do have a couple more bags in the works... as I need too, just to keep up.  All in due time. 
Oh  wait... I have something really great to tell you.

My hubby actually made dinner for us on Saturday evening.  He didn't go to this family reunion, with us - just so that he could study.  AND It (the meal) Was Really GOOD!  Plus... he didn't burn the house down .... which is/was a huge plus.  This deserves to be shouted from the rooftop.  He says he can't cook and that he can burn water.  With witnesses to prove it!!

I love my man!!!!!!!!!  A lot.


  1. I find sewing such a calming way to spend a few hours. Your bags are beautiful as usual.

  2. looks like a busy weekend!

    Love the Williamsburg bag!

  3. Oh my! I'm so glad you stopped by my blog and commented. Your's is LOVELY! And your work? Lovely! And I'm sitting here with a cup of coffee. Perfection. Thanks so much for stopping by.

  4. I'm so glad Corner Cafe found a loving home! :)


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