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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Harmony in the Home

. . . . . . .

Ever since we moved into our farmhouse home, way over a year ago...I've been meaning to make the front door more of a welcoming sight.   One weekend I had the chance of a few lone hours.  And after months of lingering inspiration, found here, I went to work.

Let's just say, I'm grateful to have found my hubby's LEATHERMAN, out in the back floorboard of his car (yes! I dared to look there).  
Leatherman. I love that name!  It's actually a given name;  in and on our family tree... fancy that? 
No relation to the manufacture, I'm sure.

Basically, I just bought a bunch of floral stuff, that I loved, ripped it apart with my hands or the said miracle tool (the Leatherman), and then just stuck the stuff into the wreath...sometimes using the wire stem to wrap around a branch for security.  But, nothing is secure... really.  Don't look at too hard it might fall apart.  I just really, really like it and that's all that matters, right?


What does your front door look like??   Is it welcoming???

You don't need to tell me - I already know that the inside blind needs to go....far, FAR away.


There are reasons that the blind stays - it's called "harmony in the home".   Ask Scott, I'm sure he'd L*O*V*E to explain. ;)

: : No seriously.  There is much more to harmony in the home then whether or not a wreath is on the front door and a hideous blind is hanging on the backside.   

It's working together to make your preferences work together.   Enough said.


  1. The wreath is really beautiful!
    I like the way the grape vine stems stick out.
    With the wreath on the door, you don't see the blinds. Besides harmony at home is so much better then a blind on a window.

  2. been missing me some bevy thoughts!

    such a warm, beautiful and TRUE post.

    Thank you friend!

  3. The wreath is pretty. I have a bundle of Indian corn hanging on the front door.

  4. What a charming addition to your front door.

    Re: Blinds
    There is nothing like a photo to inspire you to move a project up in your queue of to do jobs

  5. Love the wreath Noodle! Reading this I realized that my spring wreath is still on the door...I know what I need to do tonight. :)

  6. Your wreath is beautiful!

  7. Gorgeous wreath! You've inspired me...maybe I'll make one this year.


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