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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

How is this for some good old- fashioned fun?

. . . . . .

: : Sometimes it calls for thinking outside the box to play nicer with each other... like this, for some good old-fashioned fun inside the box.

It seemed like they played for hours on end....nicely, too.  Ahhh, so wonderful! 

: :photos from a week or two ago - on one of those nicer, warmer days.


  1. Why do we buy our kids presents, when they love sticks, rocks and boxes? :) I always laugh at the thrill of a simple box. We had big one for a "fort" last year and ended up using it as a school house more than once. Then, it became a boat and a store. For us, a big box has been a great winter diversion.

  2. Bevy,
    These pictures just made me smile.... Your kiddos are awesome! Boxes are sooo much fun!

  3. Every time I see photos of your kids I am reminded how much your daughter looks like you and your son looks like your husband. Too cute.

  4. Now don't those boxes look familiar?!!

  5. love your fall header and new look. soooo pretty. kids really know how to find pleasure in the simplest of things...i need to take a lesson;)

  6. Yep, those big boxes are wonders aren't they!!!


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