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Monday, October 4, 2010

It's that football time of year

. . . . . . . . 

(Caleb Speaking)
I'm camera shy... but not football shy.  Really I'm not.  My dad is teaching me some really cool stuff.  And I've learned the three-point stance; how to make my feet "do that thing" while I'm being pretend tackled by dad and I sure do love to throw me this ball...deep. Wide.   This thing is ... SCORE! Touchdown.

I did it!!

* * * *
Last night, we happened to turn on the TV for a game of Sunday Night football.  Ironically it was our rival teams on the field.  


That depends on who is watching the game...and if we all turn "wagon jumpers", or not... by picking one team over the other.  Basically I (Bevy) am the one (though not really a foot ball fanatic) who left Eagle Country for the Redskins...by default.  I got married to a Redskin, Redneck from VA.  But, that's quite okay.

So, needless to say... the little ones were glued to the TV - along side of dad while I made up some homemade pizza (of course!).  We have this little "indoor" Washington Redskins football - CD carrying case -that was being used to demonstrate and imitate the big guys on the screen.

We just had a good family sort of evening... making memories.

(Dad speaking):  Around here, Caleb, were rootin' for the Redskins and anybody who plays Dallas.  Got that, buddy?

UPDATE:  I just wanted to show a couple of recent pictures of what Aubrey currently thinks of Football.
I think you'll like this...

That's my girl!


  1. Unfortunately, we had to turn off our Sunday game as our team (Buffalo Bills) was making us crazy. Hope your team did better!

  2. Very cute blog. Love the fall picture, too.

  3. Hmmmm. We have a really divided family football wise over here (although none of us are die hard football fans....) Mike is all for the Pats (NOT a band wagon jumper - just raised in Mass and spent most of his childhood crying for them - they were REALLY bad when he was up there - but he never gave up....), Michael Ben is all for the Eagles ( I guess all our kids are - and only since coming to Grace, as up here in the Valley we are pretty divided team wise being so close to NY and all - but we do get the Eagles for training camp up here at Lehigh University). And I was a gulp, DALLAS fan as a teen - probably a band wagon jumper, but I also thought their uniforms were the best] (is that not SO teenage GIRL!!!). Can we still be friends Scott?? :)

    Glad to see you guys got SOME relaxing done. Did mom steal off to the sewing room - or did she rest????????????????????????

  4. I was a football mom for eight years (our son player in college, as well as high school).
    I get so darn involved in a game - doesn't matter who is playing! I usually take myself out of the room.
    Go Redskins!

  5. Cute post! Family time spent making memories is always good!


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