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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Message In a Bottle - Part two

. . . . . . .
These little antique bottles remain in my window sill as a daily reminder...of what God showed me one day. Read on... 

 Oh, and... If you're feeling a bit "confused" - you might want to go back and read Part One, to this post - if you would like.

I can remember reading this account in Scripture, several years ago (It's found several places, in the Gospels, but speaking mainly of Matthew 26: 6-13)... along side of a devotional book of sorts and thinking {this young woman} really lived her life with a Reckless Abandon

She poured out an exquisitely expensive perfume, from an Alabaster Jar, on Jesus' head?  That is serious.

Giving her all in all - not minding what others thought of her - despite the probable reprimand of society around her.

What did that (Reckless Abandonment) look like?  How does that happen for someone? I had these questions going round and round for a long time.  I wanted to "get it".  I wanted to understand.  Something about this woman's sacrificial heart had connected with mine and I needed to know.

I remember asking the LORD to, please, show me a picture of what Reckless Abandonment would look like to him if someone were to be Recklessly Abandoned.

I thought & prayed about it some more.  I realized that in order to show abandonment- something has to be removed from something; given up on or left to a bare minimum; showing no intention to reclaim it.  When you add the word reckless to it... it means to be done quickly; carelessly - without thought or rationale to the consequences.

I was thinking: "Lord, this is intense".   I began praying; "Lord, take me away from me!  Show me a picture of what this would look like to you if I were to live my life with a total Reckless Abandonment to you.

And, you know what?  He did!!

I was standing in a Sunday Morning Worship Service... singing with the rest of the congregation, both arms outstretched, hands raised in worship... and these thoughts/questions came to my mind again.  I prayed... continuing to be in a heart of worship.  Lord, take me away from me... I prayed some more.  I had my eyes closed - but just that quick I could literally feel as if it were my flesh and blood departing from me and I could see in my "mind's eye" as if it were a frail frame of nothing but  skeletal bones. 


That was me, but not really me.  Yes!, I was standing there naked to the literal bone but the soul of me was not there.  I saw a pure picture of what reckless abandonment looked like.  Emptied of Self.

Ahh-ha, so this was the picture I was asking for the Lord to show me.  I needed to understand what it was that the Lord saw when he sees a heart devoted to him in a life of sacrifice.  One who lives their life in a total and complete surrender... with a deeper love and beautiful life of service, sacrifice and devotion towards their Saviour.

((I don't know if this is making any sense, to y'all, but I'm trying.))

So, how does this all compute?  Living with Reckless Abandonment?  an Alabaster Jar? a Message In a Bottle?

Well friends, it is through brokeness that the perfume of grace gives off it's sweetest fragrance.

But here is really the true Message In a Bottle.
Why did Jesus endorse such extravagance? 
This was a special occasion- he knew that he would soon be crucified.  In this impulsive act of sacrifice, the woman symbolically prepared his body for burial as it was customary in those days to do - anoint the bodies of dead people with spices and sweet-smelling oil.  Jesus just affirmed another important principle: It is never a waste to give one's ALL to honor him.

(paraphrased from the Quest Study Bible)

Matthew 26:13 says:  I tell you the truth, wherever this gospel is preached through out the world, what {she} has done will also be told, in memory of her.

Keep spreading the Message....live your life with a reckless abandonement...poured out; utterly and completely emptied of self. 

: : Do I continue to portray this portrait?   Not in the least - not nearly as sincere, nor as beautifully as I would like too.  By the way, this Message In a Bottle was for me, too.


  1. you inspired me to place a bottle in my window sill~ thank you for giving my day a reminder of what I need to do today :-)


  2. It all makes perfect sense.
    As I have pondered what this means too, I can see where the woman might have known that others would misunderstand why she did what she did, but Jesus understood perfectly why she did what she did...

    So many times in my own life I get caught up about being "understood" by others, when in fact if we are living with reckless abandoment towards our Lord, the world is going to misunderstand us and maybe that's okay.

    Loved this post!

  3. Beautiful thoughts from a beautiful sister. The thought I always have when I read this passage is that the most beautiful act of worship recorded by the Lord Jesus, was criticized by the other believers. They couldn't understand her act of adoring sacrifice. We, too, when live in "reckless abandonment" will not always be understood or appreciated by other beleivers, but we stand before the Lord, not men.

  4. Bevy, you captured your thoughts beautifully.
    As I read each word, it filled my head with your "word pictures". I will never look at "Message in a Bottle" the same, ever!
    Or the fact the God sent you His word picture!


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