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Monday, November 29, 2010

Brokenness | Review of Chapter Three

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Biblical Portraits : Broken and Unbroken

It was another - really good session - last Monday.  
By the way.  The Ladies Discipleship Group is not meeting today - so there will not be a "review of Chapter Four on Brokenness", for next week, Monday the 6th.  Just so you know, awhile, and don't think I forgot or something.  I'll follow through the week after that.

I just wanted to share...

This lesson on Broken or Unbroken really hit home to me.  We're only halfway through the study and already I can see where the Lord is beginning to do a real work in my heart.  When we (as the group of ladies) talked about the several illustrations of people portrayed... and we read in-depth of their character...it was clear that in all instances both "parties" sinned.  But when they were confronted about it - it was their response that made all the difference.  Some were broken and some were not.

We talked about and made comparisons between these four different individuals or groups of people:

(the proud) King Saul vs. (the adulterous) King David

The (self-righteous) Pharisee vs. the (cheating) Tax Collector

(another self -righteous) Simon, the Pharisee vs. the (sexually promiscuous) Woman with the Alabaster Jar

The (lustful, wild-living) Prodigal Son vs. the (angry & arrogant) Older Brother

Considering ourselves and identifying who we felt we most related to was hard.  It's very easy to read of these Biblical Characters in the Scriptures and yet, when it was time to stop and really place yourself in their shoes - and when the shoe fit - PERFECTLY....wow!

I found it humbling to think about it this way.  And I'll quote from the book.

**Could it be that God is more offended by those of us who appear to be respectable and spiritual but who have proud, unteachable spirits, then he is by adulterers, fornicators, sodomites, abortionists, or pornographers who make no pretense of being godly?
The sobering reality is that proud, unbroken Christians have done far more damage to the church of Jesus Christ than any sinners outside the church could inflict.
In our focus on the needs and failures of those we consider less spiritual then ourselves, and in our drive to perform and to protect our image, we may be missing the heart of the gospel and the grace of Christ.
You see, the message of repentance is not just for adulterers and prodigals; it is also for elder brothers and Pharisees and respected leaders.  The good news is that regardless of what category we may find ourselves in, the grace of God is always available to those lay down their pride and offer the sacrifice of a broken, contrite heart.**   
(**The last three paragraphs, on p. 61, of Chapter Three | Brokenness, by Nancy Leigh De Moss)

It's real easy to get discouraged when our sin and pride gets revealed to us by the Lord, isn't it?  But, remember, He will not reveal things to us that He does not intend to change in our hearts and lives. 

This chapter really hit close to home for me, as later, this past week, the opportunity came to iron out (between my husband and I) an area of sinful pride and self-righteousness.  Where one or the other thought they were broken, soft and yielding but due to the response(s) made - realized that they really weren't. 
One was just as guilty as the other.  Very humbling.  We're still a work in progress... together.

Thankfully, it's ALL by His grace alone that changes us (and unifies us).  It's nothing that we can do - better, or even at all - that will make that change take place in us. 

:: If your portrait was taken...What would it look like? 

God creates out of nothing. 
 Therefore until a man is nothing, God can make nothing out of him.
~ Martin Luther


  1. Ah so TRUE! Looks like a great study! Prideful, unbroken Christians do much more damage then I think we even realize! I think God is sending this message across the Christian nation, that we need to re-align our focus on Him, shift our thinking out of this world and live the dramatically different lives the bible calls us to live. Becoming broken seems like a good step in the right (righteous) direction! ;) Thank you for the reminder that God reveals the sin in us so that He may helps us fix it! I’ve got some real fixing up to do and your post was another tool in God’s tool box! Thanks Bevy – isn’t being a blessing, such a blessing! ;) *heart*

  2. Oh, forgot to say, LOVE the new header - so wintery!!! :D

  3. And you didn't want to go to these Ladies Discipleship Group...look at how you have grown.
    I appreciate you sharing with us.

  4. Ooops! I also wanted to mention your new header. Looking good!

  5. Love the new header...helps get us all in the mood for winter! So glad that you are doing these recaps...helps to keep what we're learning fresh in my mind...since life has a way of allowing (at least in my case) my mind to wander and get caught up...and then by the time I read the next lesson I need to review the changes that are occuring daily. make sense? So glad that you are willing to continually share your heart with all of us. Love you my friend.... Laura (suermann).

  6. Beautiful post. My hubby and I were just talking about the prodigal's brother the other day. In years of first teaching at a private Christian school, then 15 or more years of teaching at Bible camp, we definately have seen more problems with the unbroken Christians. But, then I look inward, and I know untimately, this conviction must dwell in my heart first, before I minister to others.

  7. Beautifully stated, and laced with your own brokenness, which is even more beautiful than your words! I'm blessed to read this and know the Lord is doing so much through this study.

  8. VERY thought provoking....

    Love the new header! :)


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