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Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Well hello everyone out there in blog land, it is that time again. It has been quite a while since I have had a chance to write. 

If you're fairly new to visiting Treasured Up and Pondered.  Hello to you from Bevy's other better half.  My name is Scott and I try to write a post every Second Day of the month.  We like to call these posts - Scott's Second Sayings.  Thanks for stopping by.

Things are going a lot better around the ole' homestead now that this latest exam is done. I am not sure if you all recall the last one of the last minute situation with it. The exam facility was not open on the day that I had scheduled and thus we had to postpone several days, and then take them after working all day, two days in a row. Well about half way through September, I tell Bevy, " Well that is the next book finished" to which she replied "I am still realing over the fact that you passed two in a row in consecutive nights, and now you're done with the next exam's book? I feel like your trying to sneak one in on me.".................YEP!   BTW, thanks for prayers and encouragement, as these really do wear on Bevy A LOT!

Well I did pass, my exam on Saturday, with a 835 out of 900, while needing a 750 to pass. This one was a cool one, the only thing I did not care for was that I could not find any study material for it, and what I did find was a student manual, not a full, self-study manual. As well, I usually spend three months per exam, and this one we stuffed into two. The reason I could do this, is it was a alot of info mixed from several other exams I had already taken. This all to the avail of to answer a question that has been asked of Bevy and she has not dared ask me, for fear of what the answer may be. HOW MANY MORE???? Well that depends on how you look at it. Technically three, but this breaks down. 1 is to finish my MCSA. The other two are just updates, which one to update 2003 to 2008 and other Vista to 7.

The last time I wrote I meant to say something about one of our bathrooms. This is for all those folks that have come to visit and have had to deal with the downstairs shower water pressure (or the lack there of). Well, it is not no more. Bev's sister Gladys was here (a few months ago) and we knew it was still weak pressure, well about three nights after she left, I took a shower after getting a hair cut and half way through the shower, we hear this big bang. Immediately the pressure was enough in the shower to chase you out. Now I have to keep the "throttle" in and not out all the way. We never did find out what the big bang was, but ever since - the downstairs shower has had GREAT pressure. Just kinda funny I find it.

I will admit, Gladys came to visit again last week, and I forgot to inform her about the pressure.  Oops.
So even for those that come from out of state, well no more running the 500yd dash to get wet in the downstairs shower.

I hope you all enjoy all the pictures that Bevy takes for posting. Well they are for family too, but she does do a lot of "need pics for the post". Recently I really have been enjoying the one of Caleb in the monkey PJ's. Oh- BTW- babe, that is not Curious George. I have a co-worker at work that loves monkey's so just had to send her a copy of the pic. ;)
.....OK, never mind. I just tormented Caleb to read the tag and they are Curious George registered......
You know as much as I go through about "Oh I am going to post about this and that", when it comes time I can never recall. I need to just make myself a list. You think I would have one, since we have list for everything else. There is one thing I would love to touch on. THANK YOU ALL for my 38th birthday wishes, I will be enjoying them NEXT year and that is all I am going to say about that.  ;)

Well as far as us as a couple, we have lots of things happening and going on as I am sure all of us do. Three hunting trips are planned, and that will most likely be all my hunting for the year. Bevy will be assisting a friend to do a Pampered Chef party here at our house, as our kitchen is alot more suitable to crowds. I will be starting my next round of studies, but with the holiday season on us, I am going to expand this over four months and try to take at the end of Feb. This way I can have some "holiday" time.

Well, I hope all is well and we will talk to you all again, Lord willing, next month! 


PS:  I hope you placed your VOTE -today!


  1. Nice to hear from you again!
    Congratulations on your score. That is great!
    I THOUGHT your birthday post said 38 the first time, but since you're 37, that means you're only two days older than me. :)
    I had to laugh when I thought about Gladys in the shower. I'm sure she was surprised!
    I will be voting today!!

  2. Hi Scott! I think this is a very neat idea, to have the husband contribute to the blog...something I may consider, if that's okay with the two of you?! Thanks for the 'diclaimer' at the top of the post, as I am new here to Bevy's blog and appreciated the info!

    Maybe God just 'fixed' your shower problem to help you out - I like to think He does that for our car now and again, as we never have any money to put into it and lately it has been making many interesting noises - but some of them have just dissapeared so I'm praying He's lending a hand! ;)

    I HAVE been enjoying Bevy's photos, most definately!! I was wondering Scott, what are you taking in school? And I wish I could be there for the Pamper Chef party! Have a great day you two (and the kids!)

  3. Hi Scott:

    Great to hear an update from you! I too thought you were only 37...since I knew Bevy and I were the same age within a few months!!! So Happy belated 37th Birthday!!! And may 38 be even better!
    I too am enjoying the beautiful pictures that are posted almost daily. Bevy sure has a talent for capturing the "moment". Hope you have a great week. Laura Suermann

  4. Congratulations on your test scores!

    Always lovely to read the second sayin's each month!

  5. Congratulations on your test! Sounds like you are doing very well.

    As always I enjoyed reading your thoughts!

  6. What a fun idea to have your hubby join in on the blog once a month! Sounds like he is one busy guy! LOTS of studies and hunting...glad to read that you plan to take it a little easier over the Christmas holidays. I cannot believe we are talking about Christmas already! :)



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