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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

"I Crown Thee, Queen O-fence!"

 .. .. . . .. . . . . .. . . . .

Are you the queen of taking offense?  Come on... fess up... there can be  is more then one queen in this court.  I'll let you... I do know how to share.  Lol!

Ironically.  This was my "mood" of the evening. I shouldn't be laughing on this picture.  Here I was.  All evening long,  I was the one "taking offense" (a.k.a. moody, grumpy, and simply just not nice to be around.).  I knew it.   When Caleb crowned me with this toy fence, as I was sitting there "trying to have fun with my little ones".  As soon as this thing encircled my head... I knew... this was exactly the conviction I needed for that moment.

My dry sense of humor took over - as I mentally made a note of it.  This was good. I did manage to forge a smile and obviously we re-staged this moment...just to get these photos. However,  I'm sure I'll be reminded of this crowning moment whenever I see this toy fence lying around the house...

I'm not so sure I like this said title, for myself.  But, do you know how much this is true of me?  (Scott- my darling husband-, please don't answer that.)
I'm sure you don't and I am afraid, albeit to say, that this crown fits me very well.  Color scheme and all.

Offense reared it's ugly head, once more, just the other day while at MOPS. No details needed...and you know that.   I share this..only... because even though I'm sure I (unintentionally) offended someone - I let their "act of offense" become my own "offense".  I essentially left MOPS in tears...

threatening myself to not ever return.

Yet.  I knew that I needed to buck up and watch out for my own response.  Not letting my wanna - be reaction(s) take over.

My response makes or breaks a situation.

Dealing with these sorts of things are really, really tough.  I honestly don't ever want to offend someone - yet I do it all of the time.  I also take offense against others all of the time.  It doesn't matter who it is.  My husband, my children, my extended family, my friends, my neighbors, even against those I don't know.

Four miles later, lunch at home, re-grouping me and the kiddo's...it gave me plenty of time to think... I sat down and paused to pray.

Queens live in towers... or castles... and I thought of the verse.

The name of the Lord is a strong tower, the righteous run to it and are safe. ~ Proverbs 18:10

It's in your name, Lord Jesus, I pray.  Can we turn this around?   I read in your word (Psalm 103) that you forgive.  You forgive all of my sins, you heal all of my diseases (pardon my iniquities), you redeem my life from the pit... you crown me with love and compassion (loving kindness and tender mercies as it refers to it in the KJV)... that sounds like grace -extended- to me.  Help me... to do that in those moments when I feel the weight of that offense crowning my head.  I would rather know that "blessings crown the head of the righteous" (Prov. 10:6) and have that be known (be said) of me... than to be the opposite of this. 

I bow low at your feet, Lord.  And  I ask for your grace and mercy to be granted...

May this new crown, this crown of beauty (Isaiah 61:3) be a crown of splendor (Isaiah 62:3) in your hand, and on my head, oh Lord.  I receive it with a grateful heart.

: : Does this mean I will never be Queen O-fence again?  Probably not...

But, I'm desiring growth and change and that's why I shared this with you today.  I need prayer.  You need prayer, because you're most likely a queen right here along with me. 

And, this court is full of queen's.  Is it not?


  1. ‎MOPS?
    Hanging onto resentment is letting that "someone you offended" live rent-free in your head.

  2. MOPS - Mother's of Preschoolers.

    Sorry about that, (Mary@Corners of my life) and went back and updated the post with a link. Thanks for catching that.

    I love your quote there... that is so true.

  3. Thank you for sharing this! So honest and open. I think your right...we all can take offense so easily. Before we realize it we've made it all about ourselves.

  4. Aww, truth, conviction, growth - great post! I HATE when I take offense at something or someone - it eats at me, consumes my thoughts, distracts me from what is really important and is in no way of God. Though the bible speaks of righteous anger, I know the difference and rarely am I righteously angrey - just sinfully offensive. Thanks for these words and the images to set it in place!

  5. well said and I love the fun photos!


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