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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Leafme alone - I'm changing {Part Three}

Welcome to Part Three
 .. . . . . .. . . .. . ... . . .

There is life that will re-birth itself. Spring is the expression of that fact. Life springs new - so they say. But, what is re-birthed?

New dreams, goals, desires, passions... of course!  The leaves on a tree are just the outward expression of life going on inside the tree itself.  It's actually the ROOTS of the tree that are the underlying (no pun intended) foundation to this tree's ultimate health and well-being.

The roots are hidden.  No one (really) sees them.  They are down deep; ever searching, ever seeking for the right nutrients on which to feed itself.  If they were exposed, or even just uprooted, in a "planned sense" to place itself elsewhere - what would happen?  {It} would die.  It cannot be expected to live, flourish and continue to in a whole new environment - the way it had once lived.

God, the Author of life, has "planted" this tree in his place of choosing.  Where he knew it needed to be - best.  Yes! trees do get "transplanted" and they do get taken down or die - He allows change to a happen upon and within this tree, but not for it's soul purpose of destruction...it's always for a good reason and all within his timing and design.

The reminder for me today is this:  I am a picture of this gnarled, old tree.  The outside of me may look like I've been through it all.  I'm weathered.  Maybe tired.  But it's what's on the inside that counts.  Flexible for change to continue in and through out my life.  It's true!  Life as we know it is ebbing away...

And, as I see it - dreams will fade, passions will dissipate, goals maybe are not achieved - like the leaves, never to be picked back up and put back on my branches to remain.  I must wait for God to rebirth in me more of the same...other dreams, goals, desires...just as vibrant and full of passion.  I cannot cling to my past.

However, I CAN get rid of the "nests" - the stuff that hinders the growth of my life.  I CAN learn to accept the challenges that come with standing tall, strong, immovable amidst the the storms that arise from time to time.  I CAN choose to remember the "other" trees in the forest who need the same support and strength that I do.   (To stand alone brings cause for greater stress as I try to bare up under the pressure...)

You know, we're all in this together.  Some of us at different times and seasons.  But we all go through the same regiment in the purpose and plan that God has for our lives.

There is something very beautiful about this analogy.  It isn't about me at all.  It's true, I do matter and I am needed.  I am important.  I do have a purpose.  I do belong.  I am loved.  But, it isn't about me...
Did I "plant" myself where I am at?  Not really.  Although, I helped.  Do I have reason to believe that I could be any different if I uprooted myself to elsewhere; moving myself out of my current lifeseason, meaning living situation, job or relationships?  It COULD be done... but... if it's out of the will of the Lord, it is not right.


Think about this for a moment...

In the light of eternity...life here on this earth is meaningless.  God is the Author and the Finisher of our faith.  He is my reason for living.  He purposefully sent his own son to die on a tree, so that I might have life eternal.

The essence of my life is this:  To be found worthy of the calling that he has placed on my life.  To enjoy God forever.  To continue to yearn for a deeper relationship with him.  To be immovable in my faith - rock solid.  To mature in and through these seasons of change that he allows, purposefully, to happen for my life.

Today - You are raising up a whole new generation.  If you forget everything else you just read, don't forget that statement.  You are continually planting seeds. 

Are they rich deposits? 

You know, if it wasn't for that one small acorn there would never be the mighty oak tree that stands today.

There once was a planting.  A watering. And now... a new life.  And God, is the one who sustains that life.

Grow in his grace!  It is only by his grace that you are here today.  Yes, seasons my come and go but HIS grace is unchanging.  Find joy today in knowing and understanding that FREEDOM.

Oh look, another leaf has fallen...

: : Another good read on this subject, can be found here, from Proverbs 31 Ministries.


  1. Very nicely done Bevy!! Miss you guys - just missed Care Group this week as well - we just aren't right... Thanks for the reminder that there are seasons (even of being locked up in your house for a week :) ).

  2. such ((powerful)) and encouraging words!!!

    It's true that our roots are what keep us strong...what's on the outside doesn't matter so much.

    Loved, Loved, Loved today's post!
    I couldn't agree with you more.

  3. Beautiful, beautiful words, and such lovely photographs to go with it. Gosh, about 10 years ago, I wrote a poem that I think you would really like - I'm going to try to dig it up for you.

  4. Bevy, beautifully written! I loved this series on change. So poignant and true. ♥


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