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Monday, November 1, 2010

Leafme alone - I'm changing

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What?  You laughYou askWhat kind of title is this?   Well, how many times have you had to say that or you've wanted to? You're willing to admit that you currently find yourself in a really hard season.  You're thinking your better off left alone...

Maybe you're a mother (young or old) who, like myself, struggles in mothering.  Maybe you find yourself living with or facing a life-altering illness and it's scary.  It's your finances or job loss or a family member - causing a season of uncertainty. 

Yes, "Leafme alone- I'm changing" might be a play on words, but see for yourself what this could possibly mean for you.  

You're about to read an analogy that might "leafyou" to change your mind about what sort of season you find yourself in. And, hopefully you'll come to realize that you are NOT in this season alone. 

 Welcome to Part One.
 . .. . . .. . . .. .. . .. ..

This gnarled old tree stands among other trees in a large wooded area.  Seasons come and go.  But in this particular season, change has been hard for this old tree.  He has forgotten his purpose; his reason; his being a part of this wooded area.  So important. 

 I represent this tree...and so do you.

As I sat at the base of this old tree, I watched the "dead" leaves falling all around me...never in this life to rise again.  These leaves could not be picked back up and and placed back onto the trees branches, exactly where they had fallen from.

In a sense, these leaves represented something.  They represented dreams, goals, desires; life itself. 
And, at times, even those English Walnuts fell, taking even more leaves along with them, as though they were the unexpected blows to this gnarled, old tree's outlook on life.

Stronger winds began to blow through the wooded area, taking down even more leaves.  The essence of this tree.  To do what?  To strip this tree of it's outward beauty?  To give it a sense of worthlessness?  To rob it of it's glory?  To betray it's purpose?  Are not leaves just that?  For beauty. A purpose for shade and shelter. A representation of life.  Are not dreams, goals, desires also a part of our life?
Is all of this to say that this tree is not important?  Not needed?


Then WHY complain about the seasons of change?  This gnarled old tree just groaned out at the thought of this pattern of events... there was no stopping to this change thing going on here.
His branches bent and broke as the storms threatened his very being.  He wanted to hang onto his leaves... to keep his stately stature; to look untarnished; to have a sense of maturity without the rendering.

Oh yes! The squirrels.  Had they not made their nests ~their homes ~ here in this gnarled old trees hollows?  Was he not enough - for them?  They say "Home is where the heart is" but inside is nestled "stuff"... collected through the years...things like memories, heart-ache, burdens, grudges, intentions, regrets.
It's hard to part with the comfortable.  The norm. The what that has become "of sentimental value".  It's home, but HOME?  Really?

And, the birds.  Had they not found delight in his lofty branches?  Sure.  He welcomed them; they tickled him - the "lighter" things of life.  They were his fantasy world...and certainly not a burden for his strength.  The only care that they delivered was that they had sung their freedoms over and over in which they could just take off and fly away.  How he envied that fact.  If only he could just take off and fly away to some "other place in this world". 

But he could not.

He could not even appreciate his own freedoms.  He didn't even know he had any.  Why? 

Whatever had caused this season to be so different this year?

Did the other trees of this particular wooded area ever feel this way?  Sure, they did.  Think about all those leaves again.  They have fallen, are falling and will continue to fall until ALL is stripped away.  In a sense this tree is coming to end of itself..only to realize that seasons really do come and go.

He knows that winter is coming...he dreads that season, too.

Winter - 09
 He cannot fully comprehend the WINTER season, that is just barreling around the corner.  In reality -winter is probably the most significant time of year for this tree to learn to appreciate. 

But, can he? 

Will he?

To be continued...


  1. Wow, so much like my life right now. The one encouragement, was to hear from a wonderful friend, who hasn't contacted me for 2 years. Now, still dealing with 3 children in Heaven, my dad, in Heaven 7/21/10 and my mom in the same hospital on the same floor, where my dad died. So, this weekend and this summer-fall and the past 5 years of experience loss. I like the tree, would not survive without God's help :-) Thanks for sharing.

  2. Love the analogy and looking forward to part two. When I think of the changing seasons of life, I know that they are just God's way of drawing me closer to Him and strengthening me in my relationship with Him. They are so hard at times, but if He didn't allow these in my life I would realize that my heart and eyes weren't on Him as they should be.

    Does that make sense? ;)

  3. leaf me alone, Im changing too!
    You are really a good writer.

    Such lovely thoughts and a wonderful representation {did I spell that right?}
    of the change in us as well as the seasons.
    I am with you on this all!!!

  4. This is so wonderful and speaks to the heart. Looking forward to reading more.

  5. this is a beautiful post....
    so well written.

    i'm definitely changing as i go through the challenge of this life.

    hopefully for the better.

    blessings to you bevy~


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